Laurie Skreslet

Laurie Skreslet

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First Canadian to Summit Mount Everest, Leadership and Teamwork Expert, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

In the summer of 1982, 21 Canadian mountaineers set off for the Nepal Himalayas to attempt the highest mountain in the world. The expedition had taken 5 years to plan, $3 million to fund, and 27 tons of equipment to outfit. On October 5, 1982, Laurie Skreslet overcame deadly odds, to become the first Canadian to climb to the summit of Mount Everest.

As Everest expert Geoff Powter put it in Saturday Nightmagazine, “Climbing Everest is an accomplishment. But there is climbing Everest – and climbing Everest.” About half of the 23 Canadians who have summited Everest since Skreslet were essentially dragged up the mountain by guides. Laurie was a pioneer in his field.

Skreslet appeared in CBC Television’s The Climb, a documentary revisiting the triumphs and sorrows of the historic 1982 Canadian Mount Everest Expedition 25 years later. In 2008, Jason Priestley and William Shatner starred in the CBC’s two-part mini-series Everestbased on the expedition.

Laurie’s inspiring, captivating presentations, complete with spectacular multimedia visuals, convey clearly how personal commitment, teamwork, preparation, planning and dedication to excellence were the keys to success on Mount Everest, and are keys to success in business. Everyone has their own “mountains of endeavor” to climb, and Laurie Skreslet inspires his audiences to reach their personal and team best, overcome fear of the unknown and go beyond their self-imposed limits.
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Leadership and Teamwork

Over the years since its discovery in the mid-19th century, Mount Everest has become a universal symbol of the Ultimate Goal, a supreme example of humankind’s striving to reach the top.
In a very real sense, we all have Everest’s to climb.  They may not necessarily be mountains of rock and ice, but in striving to reach them, their importance can make them Everest’s in their own right.
In the summer of 1982, 21 Canadian mountaineers set off for the Nepal Himalayas to attempt the highest mountain in the world.  The expedition had taken 5 years to plan, $3,000,000 to fund and 27 tons of equipment to outfit.  Despite numerous setbacks and difficulties, on October 5th at 9:30 am, Laurie Skreslet received the distinction of becoming the first Canadian to ever climb to its summit.

In this uplifting presentation, Laurie covers the mental techniques involved in preparing for any ambitious goal, the ways in which leadership adapted to the shifting challenges in this venture, the need to personally do so in your role as a team player and how to maintain focus throughout any challenge.


Mountains of Endeavour… Reaching Your Own Personal High.

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Laurie Skreslet

Speaker testimonials

Laurie was great! He is genuinely a kind, smart human being. But he’s also an engaging story teller! We heard nothing but great comments and we can tell people were interested because they had tons of questions and kept Laurie up much later than he probably intended as there were always more people eager to ask him questions. He is truly a professional in terms of preparedness, etc. but what really stood out to numerous people who offered feedback was his ability to tell a story that obviously illustrated important lessons on the mountain that also applied to business and life – but he didn’t explicitly draw the line connecting the two (eg. teamwork, resilience, etc.). This was noticed and was truly appreciated!

Jaclyn Falkenberg, Community Engagement Coordinator - TriWest Capital

He was absolutely outstanding – clearly someone who not only has worked to achieve the exceptional in his own life but also has the linguistic skill and ability to communicate that philosophy to his audience.


A week after the conference, people are still talking about your wonderful and inspiring message… your presentation was clearly the highlight of the event.


You exceeded our expectations in every way. I would not hesitate to recommend you as a motivational speaker for any conference. It was a pleasure to have met you and I wish you continued success in the future.

Rural Economic Opportunities Conference

Your presentation to the group was nothing short of fantastic! You made it relevant to our business while taking everyone on your journey to the summit. You truly made the conference the success it was because of your inspiring and “real” style.


“Sound planning and organization… Continuous training… Personal commitment… Teamwork… Solid support services…  These same attributes which took you to the top of the world are clearly essential to the success of any business organization.”

VP Corporate Real Estate Group for Citibank Canada

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