Leah Goldstein

World Champion, 2021 RAAM Winner, Destroyer of Barriers, Limitless Mental Resilience Expert, Diversity Pioneer, Inspirational Leader, Author

Leah Goldstein

Leah Goldstein has never let anything get in the way of her achieving her goals.  No matter how impossible they seemed to everyone around her.

As a young girl, she wanted to be Bruce Lee. Growing up in Vancouver, B.C. with new immigrant parents, Leah was bullied because of her accent and a limp.  She learned the concept of fight or flight early and realized for many, we don’t do either but instead, we freeze.  The day she chose to fight instead of flee her bullies, she realized facing her problems made them disappear.   When she attained the World Kick Boxing Champion title at 17, her focus became to become James Bond.  She enlisted in the Israeli Defense Force and became the first female Elite Commando instructor who transitioned into a special-forces unit, combating terrorism and violent crimes.

The extreme lifestyle of the secret police took its toll, and she decided to move back to Canada and found her salvation on a bicycle.  She was told she was too old to compete but she defied the odds and started winning races.  A life changing cycling accident in 2005 and the massive pain involved in healing and retraining derailed her cycling goals as she was told she could never compete again.

Leah used her trademark mental endurance to train on her own and went on to win one of the world’s most excruciating physical challenges – the Ultra Endurance, 3000 Mile Race Across America. Despite Shermer’s Neck on Day 4, Leah won in her category in RAAM (Race Across America), with her head tied back by her hair and in intolerable pain for 8 days. Her goal in the RAAM 2021 race was to break her previous record, but she made history as the first female solo cyclist to be the overall winner in this grueling 3,000 mile (4,800km) long endurance race, with a time of 11 days 3 hours and 3 minutes, at an average speed of 11.8mph.

Leah’s is a story of the will to succeed, the commitment and resilience to reach your dreams and to live a life with NO LIMITS. Leah shares an inspiring message of strength, perseverance, and the determinant will to never give up and empowers all who hear her to push past their limits.

Leah volunteers her time to encourage women and youth. Her Self Defense training equips them with necessary skills to defend themselves and often it has even save their lives.  Leah supports At Risk Youth Boys and Girls Clubs.

Leah’s personal memoir, “No Limits” was published in 2015. No Limits sweeps its readers into the mind of a champion – battling bullies, sexism, terrorism and more.

In 2021 a documentary about her incredibly inspiring life story will be released.

  1. MENTAL RESILIENCE: No Limit Mindset

    Achieving higher performance levels or what seems like an impossible goal is nothing new to Leah Goldstein.  In this keynote, she shares why her ability to be stronger than her competitors mentally has been key to her success.

    She shares why we can often sabotage what is possible by not having the mental resilience to endure moving past our comfort levels. We live using stimulants or “crutches” to endure but Leah knows that these methods can never carry you past the hurdles you didn’t expect. Instead they can create an excuse or the debilitating I can’t mindset.

    Leah shares the three ways she trains her mind to be her most powerful resilient tool and how focusing on how you use your mind when striving to reach a goal will have a direct impact on the results.

  2. DIVERSITY - A pioneers story

    In this keynote Leah shares her personal stories of facing bias through her journey in competitive sports and anti-terrorism organizations.

    She shares how her determination opened doors that were otherwise firmly shut.  And once opened, she proved that success can be best achieved through the creation of a diverse team all working toward the same goal.

    Leah instills the deep realization that acceptance has rewarding and lasting societal impacts and that a shift towards a culture of diversity will open up opportunities for individuals, organizations and the world


    Leah Goldstein knows that when a team is working together effectively, any goal can be achieved.

    In this inspiring keynote, Leah shares why she believes there is no leader in a team.  Instead on her team,  everyone is considered a leader and everyone understands they each play an important role in achieving the goal.

    This approach to creating her team has allowed Leah to achieve incredible results and create a reputation for having a team culture of respect, accountability and high performance.   It’s why Leah continues to attract the best people to her team and why her team is driven to give their best performance.

    Creating a team culture with Leadership as the foundation will inspire your team to reach any goal together.


  4. FLIGHT OR FIGHT: Don't Freeze!

    In this keynote, Leah inspires audiences with her incredible stories of moving forward despite all obstacles in her way.  And why being a force for change has allowed her to anticipate change and not fear it or freeze when it happens.

    She shares her mantra that making a decision is the first step towards any goal but what is more important is to believe in your decision!  Believing in it is key to moving forward with conviction and it gives you the mental strength to overcome any obstacle to carry you across any finish line.

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to whoever arranged this session with Leah!! I have a lot to think about and wish I have a copy of the session to share with a few people who could really benefit from Leah’s words!! This was amazing and provides a lot for self reflection!! Words are inadequate to describe Leah!
Leah is captivating. Her message is powerful. She speaks to determination and resolution. Her journey of adventure, harrowing obstacles, personal and societal challenges has a lasting impact. Leah Podollan - Owner, The Podollan Group of Companies Leah Goldstein has spoken at various RCMP events, Corrections Canada, WOW conventions etc. and the feedback is awesome. She is very direct, funny and speaks to why and what holds us back from living better lives. Her story is simply unbelievable. Linda Edgecombe - Re-Invention Strategist, Author, Speaker Leah has a fascinating and informative life story that takes you on a journey into the heart and mind of a champion athlete to reveal how she was able to conquer challenges that could have crushed her spirit. Leah’s lessons show you how to go the extra mile in your sport and life.
Dr. Jim Afrenow - Ph.D
Author of The Champion's Mind
We had such a great week with Leah Goldstein! We’re so happy you found us via Stedman, Oprah and Girls Inc. National. Your classes embodied the essence of what it means to be a strong, smart and bold woman. Please come back to join us again when you are in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Linda Boessenecker
CEO, Girls. Inc
I always knew Leah Goldstein was hardcore but this book (No Limits) takes any notion I had to a whole other level. This is an incredible story of a life lived from the heart of a champion.
Clara Hughes, O.C. 6-Time Olympic Medalist
On behalf of the Government of Alberta, I would like to thank you for providing your expertise and knowledge to the delegates of Vitalize 2013. The sessions were very well received and your efforts were greatly appreciated.
Leah Paton
Special Initiatives Consultant, Alberta Culture
There were nothing but very positive responses regarding your presentation and many are in wonderment of the exceptional individual you are. You were very well received Leah and your story resonated with the group. They were still talking about your presentation the next day.
Phil Benson
Executive Director, Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials
Leah, you knocked it out of the ballpark! I am rarely speechless, and felt like a blithering idiot trying to express myself after your talk. You completely WOWed them. I can't thank you enough for bringing your fabulous light to WOW.
Christine Awram
Founder, Women of Worth Conferences
Leah has a fascinating and informative life story that takes you on a journey into the heart and mind of a champion athlete to reveal how she was able to conquer challenges that could have crushed her spirit. Leah’s lessons show you how to go the extra mile in your sport and life.
Dr. Jim Afremow - Ph.D.
Author of The Champion’s Mind

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