Leah Goldstein

Leah Goldstein

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Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Mental Resilience Expert and Author

Leah Goldstein epitomizes the essence of determination and resilience. In 2022, she conquered the Race Across America, recognized as the most grueling cycling race globally, demonstrating her unyielding commitment to pursuing her ambitions, irrespective of the obstacles.

From facing childhood bullying with dreams of emulating the martial arts maestro Bruce Lee, Leah’s journey took a remarkable trajectory. By the tender age of 17, she had already clinched the World Kickboxing Championship title. Her ambitions, ever soaring, led her to envision a career as invigorating as that of James Bond. Leah broke through barriers to become the inaugural female Elite Commando instructor, later serving in a special forces unit dedicated to thwarting terrorism and violent crimes.

Cycling began as a solace from the stresses of her intense career in the special forces, blossoming into a passion that prompted her return to Canada to pursue elite cycling. Despite being deemed ‘too old’ at 30 for competitive racing, Leah’s indomitable spirit saw her self-train and start clinching victories.

Her cycling journey faced a near halt in 2005 following a severe accident that threatened to end her career, with prognoses doubting her return to competition. Yet, Leah’s defiance of the word ‘never’ and her exceptional mental fortitude fueled her comeback. She not only participated in the RAAM, an ultra-endurance 3,000-mile race across America, but also triumphed in her category despite battling Shermer’s Neck, a condition that left her in excruciating pain.

Leah’s determination was further underscored in the 2021 RAAM, where she not only aimed to surpass her previous records but also made history as the first female solo cyclist to win overall with a remarkable time of 11 days, 3 hours, and 3 minutes, averaging 11.8mph.

Leah’s life is a testament to the power of perseverance, embodying the spirit of living without limits. Her journey inspires countless individuals with her message of strength, the importance of never yielding, and the belief in transcending boundaries.

Beyond her athletic and military accomplishments, Leah dedicates her time to mentoring women and young people, imparting self-defense skills and supporting at-risk youth through Boys and Girls Clubs initiatives.

Her autobiography, “No Limits,” invites readers into the life of a champion who has faced down bullies, sexism, and terrorism. An upcoming documentary promises to bring her awe-inspiring story to a broader audience, showcasing a life of extraordinary bravery, tenacity, and an unbreakable will to achieve the unimaginable.

In June 2024 keep an eye out for Leah racing in the TransAmerica bike race!

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Achieving higher performance levels or what seems like an impossible goal is nothing new to Leah Goldstein.  In this keynote, she shares why her ability to be stronger than her competitors mentally has been key to her success.

Leah shares the three ways she trains her mind to be her most powerful resilient tool and how focusing on how you use your mind when striving to reach a goal will have a direct impact on the results.

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Leah Goldstein Keynote Speaking Reel

Leah Goldestein No Limit Mindset Keynote

Leah Goldstein No Limits Documentary Trailer

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Speaker testimonials

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to whoever arranged this session with Leah!! I have a lot to think about and wish I have a copy of the session to share with a few people who could really benefit from Leah’s words!! This was amazing and provides a lot for self reflection!! Words are inadequate to describe Leah!


Leah is captivating. Her message is powerful. She speaks to determination and resolution. Her journey of adventure, harrowing obstacles, personal and societal challenges has a lasting impact. Leah Podollan – Owner, The Podollan Group of Companies Leah Goldstein has spoken at various RCMP events, Corrections Canada, WOW conventions etc. and the feedback is awesome. She is very direct, funny and speaks to why and what holds us back from living better lives. Her story is simply unbelievable. Linda Edgecombe – Re-Invention Strategist, Author, Speaker Leah has a fascinating and informative life story that takes you on a journey into the heart and mind of a champion athlete to reveal how she was able to conquer challenges that could have crushed her spirit. Leah’s lessons show you how to go the extra mile in your sport and life.

Dr. Jim Afrenow - Ph.D Author of The Champion's Mind

We had such a great week with Leah Goldstein! We’re so happy you found us via Stedman, Oprah and Girls Inc. National. Your classes embodied the essence of what it means to be a strong, smart and bold woman. Please come back to join us again when you are in the San Francisco Bay Area.

CEO Girls Inc

I always knew Leah Goldstein was hardcore but this book (No Limits) takes any notion I had to a whole other level. This is an incredible story of a life lived from the heart of a champion.

Clara Hughes

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