Linda McQuaig

Linda McQuaig

Best Selling Author and Journalist

Linda McQuaig

Journalist and best-selling author Linda McQuaig has won a wide audience for her books, which make the case for a more egalitarian distribution of wealth and power.

The National Post has described her as “Canada’s Michael Moore.”

In 2017, her book Shooting the Hippo: Death by Deficit and Other Canadian Myths was selected by the Literary Review of Canada as one of the 25 most influential Canadian books of the past 25 years. Perhaps not surprisingly, she has enraged many on the right, including Conrad Black, who called for her to be “horsewhipped.”

McQuaig has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses across Canada to labour conferences, teachers’ conventions, professional associations and countless other organizations devoted to advancing the public good.

Her speeches, which draw on research from her books, focus on the importance of tackling income inequality, preserving and strengthening public programs, curbing the dominance of corporate power and moving fast-forward to a green energy future. As a speaker, she’s been praised as knowledgeable, tough, entertaining, and unafraid of taking on the powerful.

  1. Privatization: Dismantling Our Collective Power

    In her new book, The Sport & Prey of Capitalists: How the Rich Are Stealing Canada’s Public Wealth, Linda McQuaig shines a rare spotlight on the economic dogma of our times – privatization.

    She tells the story of Canada’s impressive tradition of creating public enterprises — including power plants, a national railway, a public broadcaster and an innovative publicly-owned pharmaceutical company, as well as strong public health care and education systems. But after a century of creating these valuable public assets, we’ve spent recent decades underfunding them, dismantling them or selling them off to private interests.

    Privatization has become the driving force in our politics — a doctrine so widely accepted that it’s rarely noticed or questioned. But it has cost us dearly, stealing our national wealth and stripping us of control over our lives.

    Today, privatization threatens us more than ever. If we are to have any hope of tackling the crises of climate change and income inequality, we have to stop shrinking – and start expanding – our public sphere.

  2. Rising Inequality and The Trouble with Billionaires

    In both the United States and Canada, the rise of a billionaire class has prompted growing demands for new taxes on the super-rich.

    In her bestseller The Trouble with Billionaires (written with tax professor Neil Brooks), McQuaig examines today’s extreme inequality and its negative impact on society, as a small set of immensely rich individuals take command of an ever-larger share of Canada’s wealth and power.

    She argues for stronger social programs and higher taxes on the rich – in line with the much more progressive tax system Canada had in the early postwar years, when our economic growth was actually much stronger.

    In recent decades, we’ve been told that taxes and government spending are bad. But McQuaig debunks these myths, pointing to research showing that low taxes lead to poor social and economic outcomes. She challenges the idea that today’s extreme inequality is the result of merit, and reveals how Canada’s economic system has been hijacked by a wealthy elite – and how we can take back control.

[McQuaig] knows her stuff, and she supports her conclusions with hard evidence based on extensive research…She’s a charismatic figure who speaks with scathing passion, withering humour, and yes, even an occasional expletive to make a point.
Gerald Caplan
The Globe and Mail
Linda McQuaig might well be described as Canada’s Michael Moore.
Jonathan Kay
The National Post
Linda McQuaig is a terrific speaker and we sincerely appreciate her life’s work publicizing important issues.
Natalie Mehra
Executive Director, Ontario Health Coalition
Linda McQuaig is one of the Star’s most enduring and highly regarded opinion columnists.
Roselyn Loren
NOW Magazine

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