Lital Marom

Lital Marom

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Innovation Strategist and Visionary

Lital Marom is a software engineer, serial entrepreneur, and investor.

She got her start building computer systems for companies in Israel and Europe, before advancing to lead global sales and strategy for Fortune 100 giants across three continents. Since then, she’s lived in 10 countries and founded 4 companies.

Ever heard of “disrupt or get disrupted?” Lital takes it to the next level. She guides business leaders how to shake things up from within, making emerging technologies work for them! 

This isn’t just about survival—it’s about pioneering new paths to amplify customer loyalty, explore uncharted markets, and foster innovative thinking. Some of her clients include ManuLife, Google, Mercedes-Benz, BBC, Philips, HSBC, Allianz, IBM, RBC, Vodafone, Nike and GE.

Lital helps people understand the future to radically reshape their relationship with uncertainty and develop a bolder vision for their potential. She is a catalyst for change, igniting leaders to unlock their limitless potential, driving extraordinary business growth, and shaping a sustainable, inclusive future.

Her greatest passion and work are empowering teams to hack traditional systems to break through and reach their full potential as individuals and as an organization.

Lital leverages her deep knowledge in business, technology, and leadership development in her keynotes. She practices what she preaches! Her keynote materials are based on hands-on experience working with leading brands across a wide range of industries. She walks her talk!

Lital is an international sought-after keynote speaker and a seasoned lecturer of innovation, data strategies, business model innovation, digital disruption, and transformation. She applies her extensive experience working closely with executive teams on large digital transformation projects to leading recurring Master Classes at Spark Institute, IBS Business School, and Singularity University.

She is a keynote favorite who has spoken at TED, and a long list of industry conferences, including MEF, IAB, GSM, Mobile World Congress Asia, CIMC, NAB and iHollywood.

Marom started her career in software engineering and product management in Israel and Europe. She is a thought leader on agile business processes, impact, and digital transformation of businesses. She holds a Computer Science and Business degrees from Reichman University, studied investment banking at NYU’s Stern School of Business, Transformative Strategies, and Artificial Intelligence at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and is a fellow of THNK School of Creative Leadership.

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Speaking topics

Future of Business: New World, New Rules

In the dynamic landscape of 2024, where businesses confront new challenges at every turn, the need for innovative strategies and forward-thinking leadership has never been more critical. Step into a world of possibilities with Lital Marom, a visionary and innovation strategist, as she reveals the keys to future-proofing your organization in such an unpredictable time.

In her keynote, “The Future of Business: New World, New Rules,” Lital embarks on an enlightening journey, revealing the blueprint for success in this transformed world, where exponential thinking is not just an advantage but a necessity. Drawing from her groundbreaking framework, Lital shows how businesses can create high-performing teams, scale faster, and increase their profit by improving their employee’s and customers’ lives. Her approach is not just about adopting new technologies but embedding a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Key takeaways:

New Operational Foundations: Understanding the evolved operational dynamics of successful businesses in today’s world.

Empowering through Learning Culture: Strategies to foster a culture of innovation and learning within your team, turning them into drivers of change and growth.

Mindset Shifts for Exponential Thinking: Adopting a mindset geared towards exponential growth and increased agility is key for navigating the ever-changing landscape of today’s workplace.

• Collaborative Leadership: Developing leadership approaches that emphasize collaboration and empowerment, enabling teams to work together more effectively in solving complex challenges and driving organizational success.

Innovation and Agility: Specific insights on how to apply the EXPONENTIAL THINKING framework to grow and scale, including real-world examples of companies that have successfully implemented these methodologies.

The Power of AI: Unleashing a New Era

In this provocative and inspiring keynote, Lital Marom will guide the audience through a journey into a world reshaped by the most disruptive organizations and artificial intelligence (AI) and Generative AI (GenAI) – a journey that will illuminate a future created by the intertwining of human potential and machine capabilities.

Marom will challenge the conventional wisdom of disruption. In the age of AI,  disruption is no longer about displacing old technologies with new ones. It’s about reimagining the very way we think, work, and lead. It’s about harnessing the power of AI to challenge the status quo, transcend barriers, and create new value.

She will dive deep into real-life AI examples and strategies, from industries as diverse as healthcare and entertainment to education. By exploring these examples, attendees will gain insights into how AI is not merely reshaping our existing world but actively constructing a new one.

Keynote takeaways:

  1. Uncover the potential of AI to democratize innovation and understand how to leverage it in your own business.
  2. Explore strategies that combine human creativity with AI capabilities, focusing on a collaborative rather than competitive approach with technology.
  3. Identify the key skills needed in an AI-dominated workplace and methods to foster continuous learning, adaptability, and creativity.
  4. Understand the significance of ethical AI practices that ensure the benefits of technology reach everyone, considering potential issues of bias and inequality.
  5. Reframe disruption as an opportunity for growth. Change your perspective on disruption, viewing it as a springboard for innovation,  growth, and progress rather than a hurdle.
  6. Develop a proactive mindset towards shaping the future, understanding the importance of taking an active role in this transformative era.

Future of Work: DIGITAL Leadership in a Hybrid World

2023 is putting everyone’s (digital!) leadership skills to the test.

Leaders are under a lot of pressure to perform in the new global and virtual world of work. As we navigate a time of constant change, the only certainty is that more change is coming. Our response today will dictate our success tomorrow, requiring a new level of adaptability, agility, and digital leadership.

So how do we move past uncertainty – to adapt and thrive in a radically evolving future? How do we inspire individual team members to become great teammates while working remotely? What if our teams were not only driven to achieve goals with each other but for each other? 

With years of experience leading remote teams across North America and Europe, Marom will show your organization how to build the teams and the leaders of tomorrow.

Learn techniques and tools that you can apply immediately to cultivate high performance and agility in your remote workforce. Marom will introduce new ways to transform implicit assumptions into explicit action and help you set the foundation for an inclusive culture rooted in psychological safety. Together, these powerful strategies will not only maximize performance and improve team collaboration, but also help to uncover and capture new growth opportunities while mitigating the unexpected risks that will inevitably occur in our constantly changing world.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to achieve effective communication and collaboration despite the geographical and physical distance of remote teams
  • How to engage and motivate your remote teams to establish a winning spirit
  • How to align individual goals with the team’s objectives to achieve outstanding business results

Exponential Transformation: Digital Transformation in 2024

Ready to unlock the secrets that set thriving companies apart in our digital economy?

In this captivating talk, Lital will illuminate the game-changing shifts in creative thinking and business models that make a difference. As the post-pandemic world pushes us to up our digital game, getting the foundation of your digital transformation right has never been more crucial.

Marom will arm you with the strategy for building a resilient business, empowering you to kick-start your innovation journey, lead transformation, and unlock and act on untapped opportunities that will set you apart!

Key takeaways:

  • Explore new ways to structure and operate your business to unlock its potential. 
  • Discover how today’s trailblazing innovators are redefining their industry and, by doing so, transforming yours too.
  • Learn the power of exponential thinking over traditional linear thinking, and discover how it can catalyze growth and transformation for your future.


Unleash your Digital Potential: How to Foster Innovation & Agility

Many business leaders see 2023 as a continuation of the most challenging environment they have ever faced—for a good reason. The pandemic and the current state of the global economy are a big wake-up call for most to innovate, create new value, and reconstruct their future.

Join innovation and strategist Lital Marom as she uncovers the secret sauce behind building adaptive and agile organizations where innovation isn’t just an element; it’s the beating heart. She shows organizations how to leverage creative thinking, push beyond the statuesque, access new markets, and maintain their competitive edge in this constantly changing world.

In her invigorating keynote, Marom guides you along the path of proactive leadership—a fresh approach essential for all leaders navigating the fast-paced, ever-evolving digital world. She will explain how you could systematically explore new opportunities to transform your business before someone else will.

Key takeaways:

  • Acquire actionable strategies to unleash your digital potential and create new opportunities for transformation.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of exponential thinking and how to leverage it to build an agile and adaptive organization.
  • Discover how to cultivate a learning culture to empower leaders and their teams with innovative mindsets and skill sets.
  • Learn the fundamental shifts that must occur at the organizational level to develop a digital-first business that will embrace emerging technologies to drive growth and change.

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Keynote | NWFL Economic Symposium 2023

Speaker testimonials

VIRTUAL KEYNOTE: Lital delivered an outstanding presentation during our Corporate Engagement Day yesterday. Her presentation style was highly engaging and held the attention of a virtual audience of some 1,600 employees! That is no easy feat in today’s virtual world. She’s a compelling storyteller who has the ability to express complex ideas simply, drawing on highly relevant and timely experiences. The content was relevant and incredibly thought-provoking with people able to draw parallels our own business has been experiencing during this period of “disruption on steroids”. The team — including myself — left feeling motivated and inspired!

President and CEO, Purolator Inc.

I first heard Lital speak at our virtual senior Leadership Conference and she really opened my mind to a new way of thinking about growth. She’s a compelling storyteller, drawing on highly relevant and timely experiences and expertise — and I was able to instantly apply some new thinking to business challenges I’m facing. I also really enjoyed her delivery – simple, crisp, beautiful supporting visuals — the time went fast and I wanted more!

General Manager, Senior VP at Thomson Reuters

I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel with Lital at PwC’s Designed to Disrupt conference. The insights she provided on the platform economy, the skills of tomorrow, and how companies can leverage emerging technologies were invaluable to the businesses in attendance. She is a true thought leader for firms looking to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to help them innovate.

Chief Economist, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Lital’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She ‘gets it’ better than most. Lital’s work helped us discover new ways to explore new growth opportunities, leveraging the power of exponential technologies and network effect. Lital has an innate ability to be creative in detail whilst being mindful of the bigger picture. Her passion is contagious and her knowledge is very impressive.

Head of IoT Hungary & Czech Republic, Vodafone Group

Lital is able to take big ideas and theory, and apply it to specific verticals in a practical and actionable ways. This is important for anyone looking to adapt and scale with the agility required in the world today.


Lital recently was a keynote at our first ever virtual conference. She was FANTASTIC! Incredibly thought provoking and extremely well received by the attendees. Her content is so valuable and relevant for business owners, especially during this very challenging time.

Our members, like most businesses owners, are rethinking and reinventing their companies. Her presentation on digital transformation allowed the audience to think about their businesses in a different way and imagine new possibilities. I look forward to her speaking at future WPO events!

CEO at WPO (Women Presidents' Organizations)

We had the pleasure of having Lital address our CEO Leadership Conf 2020. She spoke to over 500 Canadian food, health and consumer goods manufacturing leaders and provided them with very insightful perspectives on emerging issues that will impact our industry. Our goal of the conference is though leadership and Lital provided that in her engaging presentation. I would enthusiastically recommend here as a speaker.

CEO at Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada

Lital gave a captivating presentation at our annual conference in front of over 300 of our advisors this fall. Her style was so informative and inspiring. She has a vast knowledge and her thought leadership along with her engaging style made her keynote extremely enjoyable by our teams! The team left feeling motivated and energized!

Regional Vice President, RBC

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