Marc Andre Morel

Marc Andre Morel

Motivational Speaker

Marc Andre Morel

In a Virtual, In-Person or Hybrid format, Marc Andre’s goal is to offer you keynote presentations, training or workshops to help your employees and  managers to become the individuals and teams they can be.

One of my strengths is to rapidly engage the audience, following extensive research about your organization and industry, in order to share the most relevant examples and tips that your audience can use right away.

With more than 2000 presentations delivered across Canada, 16 States, 9 countries, 3 continents and in 2 languages, Marc André Morel is one of Canada’s best personal and professional development experts, with hundreds of corporate clients like Sanofi, Yamaha, Nikon, KPMG, as well as countless associations and government departments.

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  1. Become What You Can Be!

    The premise of this unique, interactive and thought provoking keynote is that we are destined to succeed, that we all possess what is required to succeed in our personal and professional lives. Life wants us to succeed. But we are indeed responsible for our outcomes.

    With humour, this keynote will help your audience:

    • Boost the power of full commitment and responsibility
    • Increase motivation, performance and results with less resistance
    •  Inspire the importance of change and innovation at work
    •  Be happier and positive at work
  2. Becoming Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

    This presentation focuses on the very human reactions to change, while demystifying what change is really all about. This deep and powerful message about human beings as creatures of habit is delivered with humour.

    This presentation will :

    • Create a heightened awareness of what the changes are truly about
    • Inspire participants to positively respond to change
    • Use the newly acquired tools to better perform and reduce their down time
  3. One For All, All For One

    The future is with teams, more than ever! As Generation Z comes in, we need to be ready for a new kind of collaboration. Whether you need to maintain high service standards, fast and effective communications, reduce conflicts and boost collaboration, here is what this presentation will help you with :

    • Increase the sense of personal responsibility towards the team’s success
    • Harmonize communications through a better awareness of differences
    • Consolidate collaboration through authentic peer-to-peer appreciation
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Natural Resources Canada
Dynamic, vibrant speaker – you will learn about yourself while laughing at yourself ! »
Canadian House of Parliament
The ideas were simple, to the point and absolutely essential. »
J.J. Barnicke

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