Margo Talbot

Margo Talbot

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Author, Speaker, and Mental Wellness Coach

Margo Talbot is an author, speaker, and climber based in Fairmont British Columbia. She works with youth-at-risk, addiction programs, and organizations looking to enhance their well-being through a focus on self-empowered healing.

As a sponsored athlete, her travels have taken her from the High Arctic to Antarctica, and the mountain ranges in between. Margo credits ice climbing and the healing power of nature as the twin forces that helped her transform her life.

She is the author of All That Glitters: A Climber’s Journey Through Addiction and Depression, and the creator of The Vitality Spectrum, an essential tool for recovery and healing as outlined in her 2013 TEDx talk which has had over 200,000 views.

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Speaking topics

The Vitality Spectrum - Moving the needle on mental wellness

Canada alone spends an estimated 50 billion dollars annually treating and dealing with mental health issues, and that figure is increasing. The issues seem overwhelming; where do we even start to begin to address them and move towards a place of mental wellness?

This keynote presentation is designed to guide your team, from wherever they may be on the spectrum (from depression, to stress, anxiety, or cruise control), towards a life of vitality both at work and at home.

Margo will share “boots on the ground” tools and techniques that brought her from the abyss of addiction and suicidal depression to being a celebrated athlete in the extreme sport of ice climbing.

You’ll learn:

  • To identify and close energy leaks
  • That movement really is life
  • That how you feel really is up to you

All That Glitters - A climber’s journey through addiction and depression

Margo Talbot is a celebrated athlete in the world of ice climbing, but her journey didn’t start at the base of a frozen waterfall. A survivor of childhood trauma, her life spiraled down the well-worn and predictable path of addiction that eventually bottomed out in a jail cell.

In this presentation, Margo shares her journey from the depths of suicidal depression to the heights of snow-covered peaks, including the tools she used and the support she discovered in the unlikeliest of places.

Learning Objectives:

  • Anxiety and depression are the twin imbalances of trauma
  • Depression is being caught in the pain of the past, and anxiety the fear of future
  • The antidote to both states is living in the present moment
  • Body-centred action brings us into a state of presence where we are freed from the effects of trauma
  • Your presence is a superpower

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Speaking Reel

Margo Talbot at TEDxCanmore: Climbing out of addiction and depression

You don't want to end your life

Speaker testimonials

Margo was an excellent speaker that was well received from all delegates. Her message gave our delegates insight into navigating and overcoming our personal challenges. I highly recommend Margo as a speaker.

James Savage School Chair, Advocis Banff School

Incredibly inspiring. Looking forward to climbing more in the mountains and getting myself out of my comfort zone. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association

Margo Talbot tells the story of her journey out of addiction so brilliantly that you cannot help but understand the why and how of addiction and the tremendous challenge it is to literally climb ones way out of addiction. Margo captivated the audience at the National Wilderness Therapy Symposium 2016 in Park City Utah. After hearing her speak there she was my first choice to Keynote the Shifting Perspective Addiction and Mental Health Conference 2017, Calgary Alberta. Margo brought it home for everyone at the conference.

Bev Oldham Manager, Shunda Creek Addiction Treatment Program, Enviros

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