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Mark Schulman

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World-Renowned Musician, Teambuilding Expert, Motivational Keynote Speaker

Mark Schulman is a monster drummer who’s toured the world with some of the greatest rock and pop performers – before crowds as big as 225,000.

He’s played with P!NK, Billy Idol, Cher, Stevie Nicks, Foreigner, Simple Minds, and others over his 32-year touring career.

Mark is also amazing on another stage – as a speaker, where he delivers a rock show disguised as a keynote. “I’ve learned about the importance of attitude as part of the touring family with these great performers,” Mark says as he unpacks the secrets of rockstar performance.

His presentations translate lessons learned during a remarkable career into valuable tips for organizations, teams, leaders, and those who want to be their absolute best.

Mark Schulman is a brilliant storyteller and performer who inspires audiences to engage and unleash their inner rockstar.

Mark is also a judge and coach on an all-new original music competition television show called BANDED on AXS TV.

Mark’s first book, Conquering Life’s Stage Fright, shows people how to harness doubt, fear, and anxiety to perform at their best when it matters most. His next book, The Attitude Equation, is slated for early 2024 release.
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Speaking topics

Create YOUR World-Class Band: Master Team Performance with Real Rockstar Edge!

For over 30 years, Mark Schulman has played with some of the greatest pop and rock stars and during that time, he has analyzed and studied the band dynamics.  What makes a band the kind of team that gets Rockstar performers to the top and KEEP them there?
In his rock show disguised as a keynote, Mark share stories and secrets of how world-class bands are able to boost engagement, collaboration, innovation, empathy and what he calls in his industry, real groove.
Get ready for a journey into teambuilding that has – until now – only been reserved for the rockstar bands.  Mark gives audiences a look behind the curtain and offers a roadmap for you to get your employees to perform as a team in  YOUR world-class band!

Getting the Band Together - An Inspirational Journey to R.O.C.K

Having worked and played with some of the most successful bands and artists in music history, including Pink, Foreigner, Billy Idol, Simple Minds, and Cher just to name a few, Mark truly understands the emotions, adjustments, and actions of successfully bringing a band or team of people together after a hiatus.

From the profound experience of meeting Cher for the first time at rehearsal to recording drum tracks by himself in his own studio while collaborating remotely with musicians he couldn’t see or hear to some rough starting moments performing on the Billboard Music Awards with P!nk and the band after over two years apart, Mark brings you industry insights, performances, and engaging interactive experiences that will ignite your conference attendees to truly ROCK again!

After experiencing Mark’s R.O.C.K. methodology, audiences leave invigorated, synchronized, and with some Rock and Roll attitude:

  • Reimagine
    Mark helps attendees realize collaboration with a new perspective through an emphasis on active listening, unique interactive ‘jamming’ and techniques for communicating like rockstars.
  • Optimize
    Mark not only demonstrates through stories and engagement how attendees can use their time together more efficiently but gives unique insights through his own experience how employees can collaborate and jam harder while working from home as well.
  • Celebrate
    As the audience’s ‘own personal rockstar’, Mark makes this keynote feel like a show through collaborative rhythmic processes, exciting video clips, drumming performances and celebratory activities. At the end Mark bestows the audience with their very own ‘band name’.
  • Kick Ass (Can be switched to Kick Off for more conservative groups)
    Mark takes the audience through a journey that literally raises everyone’s energy. The show culminates with everyone jamming together. The attendees leave with some Rock and Roll swagger and methodologies that infuse greater comradery together at the conference and individually in the office or at home.

Hacking the Rockstar Attitude

The rockstar attitude can be summed up in five words: There are no small moments. Every detail is critical. Everything you do matters.

The world’s greatest pop and rock artists share that attitude – something drummer Mark Schulman learned first-hand after years of touring with acts like Cher, P!NK, Foreigner, Simple Minds, Stevie Nicks, and Billy Idol.

Great performers in business are called rockstars, but true rockstars can teach the business world a lot about leadership, teamwork, resilience, engagement, and performing at the highest levels. Mark’s ultra high-energy presentation is where music, video, audience interaction, and the secrets of rockstar performance collide.

He inspires audiences to hack the rockstar attitude to discover the joy and success that comes when they’re fully engaged – on purpose.

Mark tailors his talk to meet every group’s individual needs. Sample takeaways:

  • World class performance by rockstars is no accident; learn and apply their secrets.
  • Techniques to immediately shift your attitude to achieve better outcomes.
  • Bring rock ‘n’ roll confidence into your work and life.
  • A simple pre-show exercise rockstars use to amp up performance and engagement.
  • How to drive better performance in yourself and those around you.

The Rockers Collective - A Musical Experience

The Rockers Collective is your own private Rock ‘n’ Roll dream team.

These all-star musicians come together to create musical alchemy and any event becomes an experience – not just a performance. Add in the special ‘jam with the band’ component and multi-media backdrop and you have a supercharged and riveting show that your employees, clients and colleagues will not soon forget.

If one of our core Rockers is on tour (hey, when SPRINGSTEEN or P!NK calls, we roll!), Rockers Collective has a variety of featured vocalists and instrumentalists from well-known acts who rotate into our lineups.

Songwriting: A teambuilding workshop

It’s your turn…are you ready to ROCK? Mark breaks people into random groups and gives each group a package. The package contains lyrics to one of four famous songs. The goal is for each group to re-write the lyrics to the song they’ve been given, drawing on work and life experiences and incorporating as much humor and irony as they can muster. Each group then takes the stage to perform their creation, with the new lyrics on the big screen for all the other groups to see! The goal is to have as much fun as possible and learn something about teamwork, collaboration, innovation, creativity, and leadership in the process.

The transformation is always astounding. You break into groups often times with people that you don’t know. The experience of creating something together pushes your comfort zone and brings out your best team-building, cooperation and communication skills. When you get to perform the song that YOU have created, it’s cathartic, joyful and you get to experience overwhelming support from an audience of your peers. This program is always a favorite. You will never see your associates the same way. You all literally become Rock Stars! You are creating a new sense of warmth and comradery that sticks- it’s indelible!” – Mark Schulman

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Through experience, interviews, and anecdotes, Mark Schulman provides insight into the mindset and skill sets that can be used to break through the barriers to success and beyond.

It’s not easy to get a standing ovation from a corporate audience; Mark got two! Mark Schulman’s keynote address was truly a great success and made me, the event planner look like a Rock Star!

Information Global Solutions

Mark is a unique performer in a world of talking heads.


You should have a dose of Mark every morning. A great presentation!

SAP Software Solutions

The Virtual event was a great success. People loved Mark’s energy!

Rockwell Automation

It was fabulous! It was specific to us. Everyone really enjoyed it.

Dell Technologies

Thanks for all of the effort you put into our presentation and the time you spent with us. I LOVE your energy!


It’s not easy to get a standing ovation from a corporate audience; Mark got two! Mark Schulman’s keynote address was truly a
great success and made me, the event planner, look like a Rock Star!

Marketing Events Manager, Infor Global Solutions

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