Meg Soper

Meg Soper

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Motivational Humorist and Thought Leader on Mindfulness & Resilience

Meg Soper is a keynote humorist speaker who combines her skills in nursing and stand-up comedy, with her expertise in personality styles and teamwork to motivate, inspire, and entertain her audiences.

Meg’s front line experience in comedy clubs, in the hospital operating room, and as mother of two millennials enables her to captivate her audience with hilarious anecdotes and practical  stress-busting strategies for everyday living.

Meg harnesses the power of laughter to offer an alternative way to deal with the inevitable stress that we face in our lives. Incorporating humor into her presentations helps her connect with the audience, break barriers, and deliver practical strategies for life and work.

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Speaking topics

Laughter makes us Stronger

So much has changed since the arrival of an unwelcome visitor named Covid 19. In addition to the health threat, virtually every aspect of daily life and routine has been turned on its head. As if our pre-pandemic challenges were not enough! And since we do not know when things are going to get back to ‘normal’, one thing is certain: Now more than ever, we need a reason to laugh!

Meg’s experience in stand-up comedy – and in the hospital operating room – shines through in this humorous exploration of life and times in the pandemic. She offers a humor filled look at the serious issue of stress in our lives, encouraging us to reframe, refocus and stay on course even when our well laid plans get tossed into upheaval.

Meg’s message will speak to everyone in the room- whether they are just launching their career, or they are leading the organization through times of major change. Her insights on using humor and self-awareness as tools for bolstering resilience demonstrate how small changes in routine can make a big difference in our lives.

"The Secret Sauce... Thriving in Times of Change"

Now more than ever, we need a reason to laugh! In her dynamic and engaging style, Meg will share her ideas on how we can use humor, passion, and resilience to find balance during uncertain times.

Using experiences from her career as an O.R. nurse, and now as a thought leader on mindfulness and resilience, Meg will demonstrate how choosing to shift our perspective and using mindfulness techniques, we can be more effective in our roles while building healthier and stronger relationships with ourselves, the people we work with and those who we serve.

Session Objectives:

  1. Learn about the HPR Sauce – Humor, Passion and Resilience to manage change and thrive personally and professionally;
  2. Learn strategies to gain greater control of our behavior and emotions.
  3. Learn about mindfulness techniques to give our ‘Brain a Boost.
  4. Offer strategies to help improve personal resilience and maintain a positive mindset.
  5. Share laughter and positive energy together.

‘Work-Life Balance? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!’

Meg has developed this presentation recognizing the challenges facing organizations who must evolve and adapt in an environment of constant change. In her dynamic and engaging style, Meg will share her ideas on how we can use humor, passion and resilience to enhance communication, find more balance and to sustain personal growth even as the lines between our personal and professional lives become ever blurrier.

Meg will share ideas and best practices that she has adopted using her ‘Key Elements of Life’ model to demonstrate how the choices we make about nutrition, exercise and sleep all play a vital role in helping us build our resilience and maintain a positive mindset. She will bring home the message of how important it is to take time for ourselves each day so that we find the energy and inspiration to perform to the best of our abilities, no matter what demands are being placed upon us.

Meg will also delve into the subject of emotional intelligence and explore how our emotions, and our response patterns in the face of stress can serve to make us less effective than we might otherwise be in our daily interactions with others. Using experiences from her career as an O.R. nurse, and now as a thought leader on mindfulness and resilience, Meg demonstrates how we can break free of our usual behavior patterns leading us to healthier and stronger relationships with the people we work with and those who we serve.

This presentation will entertain, inspire and leave audience members with ideas to help realize improvements in health, self-awareness and relationships at work and at home.

Session Objectives:

  1. Learn about the HPR Sauce – Humor, Passion and Resilience to manage change and thrive personally and professionally.
  2. Explore Meg’s ‘Key Elements of Life’ model to map strategies for how we allocate our energy and attention to relationships, career, mind, body and soul;
  3. Learn about mindfulness techniques to give our ‘Brain a Boost’ and to be more present in our interactions with others.
  4. Offer strategies to help improve personal resilience so that we are better able to manage change and maintain a positive mindset.

Wait What? A Positive Workplace Culture? Let’s Do This!

Meg has developed this presentation recognizing the challenges facing organizations and their employees as they are called upon to manage the complex interpersonal dynamics of a multi-generational workplace. In her dynamic and engaging style Meg offers her unique perspective on how to deal with the ever-present stresses we all face, emphasizing the important role that humor and communication style play in helping us be more effective in our roles.


Meg will offer an exploration of generational differences – from Traditionalists to Boomers to Gen ‘X’ and Millennials – to demonstrate the impact of shifting workplace demographics, enhance awareness and help us communicate more effectively. She will also explore how stereotyping can limit us and make us less effective in our interactions with others. Meg demonstrates that by choosing to shift our perspective – and understanding the distinction between left brain and right brain thought patterns – we can break free of our usual behaviors thus leading to healthier and stronger relationships that will benefit relationships at work and at home.



  1. Attendees will gain insights into the tendencies and behaviors of the different generations.
  2. Understand the sources of differences that can arise between the generations in the workplace and learn strategies for resolution.
  3. Learn how to more effectively communicate, motivate and gain co-operation with others in the workplace, leading to a more positive environment.
  4. Learn the 4 key elements of a positive work culture.
  5. Recognize that we are better together and through reverse mentorship we can bring out the strengths of the people we work with.

Better Together…Personality Styles in the Workplace’

The challenges of today’s workplace calls for us to be effective and intuitive communicators. Meg has developed this interactive presentation to offer strategies for enhanced communication skills by exploring the different personality styles using the DiSC model of human behavior.

This high energy, interactive session will seek to create awareness about different personality styles based on the DiSC model and related strategies for enhancing communication. The session is humorous and packed with insights about the four different personality styles and how these styles influence people’s behavior, and their response to conflict and stressful situations. This session is intended to create both self-awareness and social awareness among participants to help them understand the sources of conflict, and strategies for collaboration both with colleagues, service providers and the patients that they serve.

The presentation will reflect Meg’s belief that teams can be made stronger because they are diverse. Participants will leave armed with understanding and awareness that will lend to a more positive and productive workplace environment.


  1. Gain insight on the DiSC model of human behavior and learn to identify the different personality styles in the workplace;
  2. Learn how to shift perspective according to personality type to enhance personal and team performance;
  3. Learn how to flex your style to better communicate, motivate and gain cooperation with others;
  4. Learn how to create a positive environment at work and within ourselves through effective communication; and,
  5. Use humor and interactive energy to recognize that we are better together and that each of us has the power and influence to bring out the strengths of the people we work with.

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Speaker testimonials

Thank you for bringing humor, joy, and passion to our employee group at the virtual DAN Employee Meeting. It was a pleasure working with you and I know that the employees thoroughly enjoyed the session. The messages you shared about being kind to ourselves, owning our own growth, and taking the time to realize some of the positive things round us really resonated with me personally and I know our employees with walk away with something they can implement right now.

Benaaz Irani | Vice-President Desjardins Agent Network

I laughed so hard and actually cried with laughter and maybe even some stress relief in those tears! I so appreciate you willing to work with us again especially in this virtual world. You rocked it! I had colleagues messaging me throughout saying how funny, meaningful, and timely it was. Thank you again…the team loved you!!

Shelley Evans | Territory Manager, Team Lead Ontario Medtronic

Meg’s professionalism and dedication to making her presentation the best it could be was impressive. Meg proactively took the time to understand our organization and the objectives for the session and this resulted in a relevant, informative and exceptionally entertaining event. Meg is a highly skilled speaker who uses humour to engage and teach participants. I would not hesitate to recommend Meg for your next event.

Diana Miles | BA, LLB, CDir, Executive Director, Organizational Strategy and Effectiveness, The Law Society of Upper Canada

On behalf of the ASPHIO membership…thank you for a wonderful performance. You engaged the entire audience and helped energize the group to socialize afterwards…that I had not seen before! Your energy and enthusiasm was much appreciated.

Christopher Beveridge | CD, BA, BASc, CPHI(C), President, Association Supervisors Public Health Inspectors of Ontario, Manager, Environmental Health Programs, Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Meg was absolutely fabulous! She arrived the evening before, mingled with us, asking questions about our different work positions and then incorporated this into her presentation … it was fantastic. Most of the feedback forms rated her 10 out 5 and the comments were all just great. Meg was an outstanding presenter!

Donna Hayes | Financial Aid Advisor, Flemming College

The feedback from your presentation has been great. Your personable approach to connect with our Service Team and understand their day to day routine added impact to your motivational and funny stories. You provided my staff with food for thought on the power of humour and positive thinking.

Mike Cousineau | P.Eng. General Manager, Liebert Canada

We have received such amazing feedback from your show…you were absolutely fabulous. I have hired a lot of comedians and professional speakers in my career and I would easily put you at the top of my list.

Lyndon McPhail | Marketing Manager , Practice Solutions Software Inc. – a CMA Company

Meg does her homework well and tailored her session to our audience. She grasped and played upon the nuances of the profession and interwove her message of fun, passion and balance into an energetic presentation that came across as one that was unique and developed just for us. Meg as a keynote will be very hard to top!

Margaret Carter | Executive Director, Ontario Dental Hygienists’ Association

Meg Soper was the keynote speaker at our 2014 E*Value healthcare education conference. She entertained, inspired, made us think and certainly made us all laugh. She got people out of their seats, engaging with peers and energized us all for the three day conference. Her perspectives and strategies are lifelong tools that can restructure the way we interact with each other. Meg did a great job in customizing her keynote to our audience and conference. We wish we could bring her back year after year!

Libby Sanford | Marketing Coordinator, Ascend Learning

We have had Meg Soper with us at the Pacific Dental Conference in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015. She is excellent! The presentation that she repeated twice at each conference is called, Wit, Fit and Balance…Strategies for Success (2.5 hours) and in all sessions her rooms, 350 people in 2011, 400 plus in 2012, 2013, 2015 were packed and she received standing ovations in each. She tailored her presentation to dental professionals and was approved for CE credits. Meg is very easy to work with, she is very enthusiastic and dedicated to sharing helpful, relevant, usable information. I highly recommend Meg!

Shannon Brown | Managing Director, Pacific Dental Conference

Meg Soper was simply outstanding. Our spousal program was the most successful ever. Meg was funny, witty and proved thought provoking insights for everyone to take home. She is a powerful speaker and she walks the talk all the way.

Claire Belanger-Parker | Crane Rental Association of Canada

Your presentation “Bring it on … Strategies to Create a Positive Workplace” rated a perfect 5 out of 5, the best score we have ever received for a general session. What a privilege to have you on our stage!

Pat Goodberry-Dick | Conference Chair, Healthcare Service Excellence Conference – Las Vegas

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