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Michael Vickers

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Sales and Marketing Expert, Influential Strategies for Business, Motivational Speaker

Michael Vickers is a true inspiration for success! He redefines what’s achievable for sales professionals, leaders, and managers. Whatever the sales or business opportunity, Michael will enhance the odds. Anyone who has an idea to promote, a team to motivate, or a competitor to challenge will attain a new level of success after an event with Michael. Whatever result you are striving for like influencing others, or achieving success through others,  count on Michael to build your confidence and accelerate your team’s performance.

A popular speaker, consultant, and educator, Michael coaches thousands of professionals every year to grow individual and organizational performance. Summit Learning Systems, Michael’s training organization, brings leading-edge strategies to clients in every sector of the North American economy.

Michael’s success is completely grounded in and built on his personal experience. A consummate entrepreneur, Michael is a graduate of his own franchised retailing enterprise, a manufacturing and distribution company, and a highly successful publishing venture. A ceaseless innovator, Michael is constantly researching leading companies, searching for best practices, and distilling the experience of success, many of which can be found in his best-selling books entitled, “Becoming Preferred: How to Outsell Your Competition”, and “Dance of the Rainmaker: Creating Authentic Differentiation in Today’s Competitive Marketplace”.

Michael also shares weekly insights as the host of the podcast, “Becoming Preferred,” available wherever you get your podcasts. Michael’s unique gift is his mastery of the art of influence, and his ability to translate that mastery into practical, powerful techniques anyone can use. His presentations are entertaining, intimate, and unabashed and he is hilarious in his stories, boundless in his enthusiasm, and relentless in his message that success is available to everyone!

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Speaking topics

Becoming Preferred - Out-position, Out-sell, & Out-Experience the Competition

Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever. With the proliferation of competition in every sector and the ever-growing digital landscape, businesses struggle to differentiate themselves in a sea of similar offerings. To stand out from the crowd, it is essential for businesses to not only offer high-quality products or services but also to create unique brand experiences, engage with their customers in meaningful ways, and continuously level up their game.

In this popular Keynote presentation, Michael presents leading-edge strategies and tactics to give you and your team the frameworks to out-position, out-sell, and out-experience the competition and become the preferred provider in their marketplace.

This game-changing Keynote or Breakout Workshop will teach you how to:

  • Become the emotional favorite in the markets you serve
  • Create authentic differentiation in a crowded marketplace
  • Build relationships of trust quickly
  • Deliver ‘High Touch’ and Distinctive Value to your client base
  • Build long-term economic relationships of trust with your clients
  • Deliver a client experience that unleashes customer advocacy
  • Overcome discounting by employing the “Five Customer Values”
  • Insulate your clients from competitive erosion
  • Exceed expectations and increase your customer advocacy with “High Touch” strategies

“Becoming Preferred” is not just a presentation; it’s a strategic roadmap that engages your organization and enables you to deliver a client experience that sets you apart from the competition. This presentation is entertaining and informative, with real-world anecdotes, practical examples, and proven strategies to empower you and your team to achieve immediate, tangible results.

7 Triggers to Booking the Business

Our emotions wield incredible influence over our decision-making process. Whether conscious or subconscious, they often influence our purchasing choices based on how a product or service resonates with us emotionally, even as we seek logical reasoning.

Discovering and activating these emotional triggers in your sales conversations and customer experiences can revolutionize your results to help you build trust and credibility quickly, streamline the sales cycle, accelerate the buying process, and position you as the emotional favorite in your market.

In this captivating and practical presentation, you’ll explore the powerful emotional drivers that fuel success. Discover profound insights into your customers’ motivations, allowing you to craft compelling marketing and sales strategies and messaging that deeply resonate and elevate your results to new levels.

Understanding and employing these triggers will help you:

  • Build trust, credibility, and authority quickly
  • Position the “Why” and sell the “Because”
  • Make dynamic, results-oriented sales presentations
  • Accelerate the buying cycle and crush your targets
  • Increase profit margins with the five customer currencies
  • Overcome buyer resistance effectively
  • Get the customer to take action quickly
  • Confirm the business with make-sense solutions

Unearthing the secrets of human behavior and psychology is key to unlocking any thriving business’s potential. Delve into the captivating realm of consumer decision-making, a labyrinth of conscious and subconscious emotions that shape our choices. “7 Triggers to Booking the Business” is a game-changing framework empowering you to skyrocket your sales, secure more deals, and become the emotional favorite in your market.

How to Sell When Nobody’s Buying

How we influence and sell has changed! The strategies, methodologies, and techniques commonly employed today are worn out and obsolete.

Whether it’s a sluggish economy, a national tragedy, a shift in consumer needs, or Mother Nature wreaking havoc, these changes can be massively disruptive, and even paralyzing. True professionals committed to continuous improvement and leveling up their skills hit these challenges straight on and thrive regardless of market conditions.

The real magic lies in your teams’ ability to skillfully navigate and capitalize on these changes, ensuring profitability and success. Don’t “sit tight and ride it out” when crises strike. Take action and thrive!

This highly popular presentation will give your team the strategies and frameworks to:

  • Develop a recession-proof mindset
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Gain access to the decision-makers
  • Build relationships of trust quickly
  • Create authentic differentiation
  • Level up the sales conversation
  • Hack buyers’ motivation
  • Use Value-Add positioning
  • Insulate existing clients from competitive erosion
  • Present make-sense solutions

With the changing economic landscape, sales teams must adapt their strategies and mindsets to survive and thrive in any market. This popular keynote or breakout workshop will give your team the tools to develop a recession-proof mindset and capitalize on market disruptions.

Become the Preferred Employer in a Competitive Marketplace

Attract top-tier talent, retain your top performers, and level up the employee experience. You can unleash your organization’s potential with “Become the Preferred Employer in a Competitive Marketplace.” This revolutionary presentation is designed to transform your company into a magnet for top-tier talent. Boasting an innovative approach that prioritizes employee experience, it promises a new and exciting era of organizational success.

This program isn’t just about attracting top-tier talent, it’s about retaining them, too. This framework ensures that key performers stay committed, engaged, and loyal to your company’s vision. The result? A highly motivated, skilled workforce ready to propel your business to unprecedented heights.

Understanding and employing these strategies and frameworks will help you:

  • Unlock the power of employee engagement
  • Learn the strategies that identify your employees’ values and motivation
  • Create high-value conversations to build trust and pique interest
  • Elevate your “you should work with us because” positioning statement
  • Accelerate the candidate commitment cycle
  • Employ the five employee currencies to enhance your compensation package
  • Exceed employee expectations with “High Touch” strategies
  • Handle recruit reluctance more effectively

This informative and practical presentation isn’t just a tool; it’s a roadmap to an enhanced employee experience. It emphasizes the importance of the ‘Employee Experience’ (EX), suggesting that satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers. It presents an intriguing twist on conventional wisdom: To thrill your customers….first thrill your employees. Michael’s strategies and frameworks have been helping his clients attract top clients and win the business, and they will help you attract and win the hearts of top-tier talent and Become Preferred.

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Speaker testimonials

You promised to have an impact and you were true to your promise. The feedback has been great and your insights into our business were very well received. They loved you!

Paul Smith | Royal Bank

His enthusiasm is contagious! It was so refreshing to attend a seminar that kept my interest from start to finish. A dynamic speaker who delivers dynamite information.

Carmel Forbes | Stats Canada

Your humour hit the realness of everyday life. I found myself amazed at how you captured and commanded my full attention and everyone else’s too (1,300 people)!

Jenn Turcotte | ReMax Ontario Atlantic

Participants left the conference motivated and charged with energy. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who is seeking an excellent sales trainer.

Arlene Madell | Bank of Montreal

Your presentation was outstanding and definitely fit the challenges and opportunities our newly merged organization faces. You truly were an inspiration to many in the audience and your comments caused many others to reflect on themselves and the way they conduct business. I know this will lead to success in our operations. It was the first time those 500 people were in a room together and you definitely were integral in getting our convention off to a great start!

Rob Moller | Mohawk - Husky

I am highly impressed with the simplicity yet effectiveness of Michael’s message and the excellent way in which he illustrates his concepts with real life examples and tried and true business principles. If you sell anything, this program will definitely help you become preferred. Apply it and then lead the field.

Robin Sharma | Best-Selling Author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

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