Michelle Stacy

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Expert in Innovation, Strategy, Branding and Former President of KEURIG, INC

Michelle Stacy is a senior leader, with a consistent ability to run and scale businesses. She is committed to creating world-class cultures by developing and articulating a vision. Her vision ignites the organization to deliver innovation, drives P&L focused top-line growth, and builds powerful global franchises.

Michelle’s vision has driven strong growth at Gillette, P&G and Keurig. At these organizations, she combined new product innovation and acquisition. Additionally, Michelle’s teams excelled at digital trends (e-commerce and social media) to build brands and increase sales. Her operational expertise has been of tremendous value across all functional areas. In her most recent position, Michelle was President of KEURIG, INC. Her commitment to leadership, sustainability, and work culture resulted in Keurig being elected to the top 10 places to work in Massachusetts two times.

Currently, Michelle sits on the Board of Directors of the iRobot Corp, Tervis Tumbler Company and Young Innovations Inc. She is also a Director Advisor to The Cambridge Group and an expert in Resident at the Harvard Innovation Lab.

She holds a Masters in Management from J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

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Speaking topics

Full Engagement Leadership: What I Learned Over Coffee

The only “things” within an organization that can CREATE are its people. Only people can generate growth because only people can innovate.

Yet, employees are the most undervalued, under-motivated resources. WHY? Because most leaders let their employees become disengaged.

A leader’s ability to generate employee engagement is a skill that is critical to creating positive business results.

Michelle’s talk will outline simple skills that leaders can develop in order to build a fully engaged team.

10 lessons leaders learn from Michelle:

  1. Why it’s essential to be yourself (and how to do it!)
  2. How to balance 6 key components of leadership
  3. How to build a personal leadership statement
  4. Why “seeing the apple” is important when listening to opinions
  5. How to create engagement by bringing out “the star” in everyone
  6. How to build a powerful mission & value statement and bring it to life
  7. What you do, and how you do it, creates the culture
  8. What it means to “listen for greatness” from others
  9. The importance of the middle to drive business results
  10. How to use the Corporate Mission to create employee engagement and shareholder value

Keurig, Gilette Mach3, and Oral-B: 5 Strategies that Transform Innovation

In Michelle’s keynote speech on Strategy and Innovation, she begins with insight into building a strong strategic vision and culminates with strategies to create exciting innovation prospects.

Strategic Vision and Planning

  • Creating a Mission and Vision
  • Building an OGSM (objectives, goals, strategies and measures)
  • Planning and managing growth

Sustainable Innovation

  • Transformational Innovation: getting the most from innovation
  • Building an innovation culture, capabilities and resources
  • Identifying and leveraging your consumers

Women's Leadership: My Career Journey: Balance, Leadership and Personal Choices

In Michelle’s keynote speech on Women’s Leadership, you will learn how to consider the “Right Choices” for your life and career, and may even have a laugh or two as she shares stories about her colorful journey that has been fully enjoyed!

5 Insights You will Learn:

  1. It’s about making choices
  2. It’s not a straight road; be prepared for bumps
  3. Making the most of the bumps
  4. 7 things that make “the dual career” easier
  5. Don’t measure yourself on anyone else’s time schedule

Video clips

Speaking Reel

Defining Your Personal Leadership

Speaker testimonials

Michelle’s insights on developing a culture of organizational engagement provoked discussions that lasted long after the end of her keynote speech. Her command of the topic and her experience as a CEO made the lessons she shared less about theory and more about the real and tangible impact for a successful business. She captured the audience with genuine style and powerful storytelling. She brought the topic to life by translating it into meaningful insights for the audience.

iRobot Corporation

I found Michelle to be an engaging speaker with a great message. She clearly earns the attention of her audience much like she earns the trust and confidence of her teams. It’s easy to see why she has been so successful in her work.

United Way MBMV

Michelle delivered a powerful presentation to Ropes & Gray’s Women’s Forum, whose members include women attorneys from the firm’s six U.S. offices. She offered valuable insights about how she was able to advance professionally while balancing an equally busy personal life. Our attorneys found Michelle to be inspiring, engaging and candid.

Ropes & Gray

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