Mike Harcourt

Former BC Premier, Sustainability Advocate

Mike Harcourt

Mike Harcourt served as Premier of British Columbia 1991-96 and prior to that mayor of Vancouver.   Mr. Harcourt helped the province earn its reputation as one of the most liveable places in the world. After stepping down from politics, he was appointed by the Prime Minister to serve as a member of the National Round Table on the Environment and Economy. There, Mr. Harcourt served on the Executive Committee and Chaired the Urban Sustainability Program. He was also a federally appointed BC Treaty Commissioner and was Chair of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee for Cities and Communities, mandated to examine the future of Canada’s cities and communities.

Mr. Harcourt is the lead faculty of United Way’s Public Policy Institute, and on and the Advisory Board of Canada’s ECOFISCAL Commission. As well, he is on the Advisory Board of the STAR Institute at Simon Fraser University.  With his many years of experience, he is a sought-after speaker, and consultant.

His exemplary career as Lawyer, Community Activist, and Politician has been honoured with the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service, Canadian Urban institute’s Jane Jacobs Lifetime Achievement Award, Order of Canada as well as many other awards and recognitions. Harcourt brings his experience and enthusiasm to the stage when speaking on the importance of creating vibrant, sustainable cities and communities.

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  1. Sustainable Cities: Urban Tidal Wave

    People are leaving rural areas and moving to our country’s urban centres to live. As this urban tidal wave swells, it raises significant questions. Hear Harcourt’s thoughts on where we need to focus, and why. We have to accommodate another 2-3 billion people in cities where 4 billion already live.

  2. From Restless Communities to Resilient Places

    Communities are the key to long term prosperity. This presentation outlines the importance of and challenges facing our cities and communities and where we’re headed including:

    • Creating more compact development, denser, mixed use buildings and urban centres
    • Re-energize inner cities, re-invent suburbia
    • Create alternatives to the internal combustion engine car, walking, cycling, transit, zero-emission car
    • Integrate new energy approaches into green infrastructure, water, wastewater, waste management systems
    • Innovation, entrepreneurship, investment opportunities
  3. Environmental Stability

    Harcourt shares his vision for protecting the environment at the continental level. Through real-world examples and ideas, he’ll motivate listeners to do just that.

  4. Plan B: Attitude for Life

    Partially paralysed after a fall, doctors weren’t sure if he would recover. So begins Harcourt’s Plan B – hear about the courage and the determination of the human spirit as he relives the journey.

  5. Age Well

    As chair of a national $70 million project focused on aging Canadians having a high quality of life, improving the capacity of family and professional care givers, increasing Canada’s economic opportunities domestically and internationally, Mike Harcourt shares why the huge increase in Canada and the world’s aging population is both a significant challenge and an opportunity.

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