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Paul Krismer

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Certified Executive Coach and Best-Selling Author

Paul is an international happiness expert helping organizations embrace practical tools of positive psychology to build committed, high-performing teams. He uses his extensive executive experience to work with leaders who know that the strength of their business is found in their people.

With over twenty-five years as a senior corporate leader, a radical and practical use of cutting-edge science, and a passion for driving real results, Paul takes audiences on an interactive and engaging journey where they gain a new perspective on their workplace culture AND their own personal leadership potential.

From Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, to the U.S. Military, he has helped emerging leaders in nearly every industry to experience a paradigm shift to successful people management. Paul has spoken to tens of thousands of people on five different continents. He is equally comfortable with audiences in the thousands as he is leading intimate executive retreats.

Paul makes great science accessible and entertaining. Each customized presentation carries your audience into a deep personal reflection. The number one adjective received from thousands of feedback surveys is the word “engaging.” Your audience will be riveted as they see themselves in the learning content. As the sole focus of the show, they leave happy, energized, and committed to action.

As the best-selling author of Whole Person Happiness and the soon to be released next book Beyond Profit & Productivity, Paul comfortably makes the connection between a universal desire for happiness and the practical utility of positive emotions in the workplace.

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Speaking topics

Resiliency in the Midst of Uncertainty: Deploying Proven, Powerful Tools to Achieve Success

A powerful emotional context permeates all aspects of our lives presently — uncertainty. Global pandemic, economic threat, and political strife are layered onto our already hectic, demanding lives. How can people not only cope, but thrive personally and professionally? 

Paul Krismer brings the science of positive psychology to bear. With practical advice coupled with funny story-telling, Paul provides an inspiring toolkit for resilience! 

Embrace the research results that prove positive emotions come readily when certain skills are learned. See how these skills demonstrably lead directly to greater success. Come away equipped to fuel your personal happiness and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence. 

Learn practical ways to amplify momentum. Discover insights about how to powerfully engage teams and change corporate culture.   

Content highlights 

    • Scientifically connecting positive emotions with stress management   
    • Neurophysiology: how the brain can be re-wired  
    • Overcoming negativity bias  
    • Understand and avoid burnout 

The Serious Business of Positive Emotions— Easy & Proven Tools to Achieve Personal and Professional Success (Most Popular Keynote)

Get a blast of personal and corporate well-being in this inspirational introduction to the science of positive psychology. Learn about the research results that prove happiness leads to greater success. Come away with simple, applicable skills that will fuel your personal happiness and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence.

The field of positive psychology research has massively expanded our understanding of human potential. Most of this discovery has happened in the last 15 years. We now know that happiness is not a lucky outcome resulting from a fortunate upbringing. Rather, happiness generally results from skills we can all learn.

If your company knows “what to do”, but too often falls short, you will discover new insights about how to powerfully engage employees and change corporate culture.  

Content highlights 

  • Scientifically connecting happiness with success 
  • Neurophysiology: how the brain can be re-wired 
  • Overcoming negativity bias 
  • Gratitude and appreciative inquiry
  • Necessity of healthy social relationships

Stopping the Great Resignation: Retaining and Recruiting Talent is all about Psychological Capital

Record-breaking volumes of resignations are happening in every industry. More than 40% of the workforce is actively contemplating leaving their employment within the next 12 months! The crisis in recruiting and retaining talented employees is only going to get worse — far worse — unless your business becomes the exception.

Every business has assets, including buildings, equipment, product inventory, and historic customer relationships. Companies also have a workplace culture that either contributes positively or is a substantial barrier to productivity and profitability. Generally, companies pay little attention to the quality of culture, YET it is either an asset or a liability to the business’ success.

Employers must recognize that a new class of workers has emerged from the pandemic, with a drastic shift in the workplace-worker dynamic. Therefore, it is critical to invest in psychological capital to enrich the employee experience.

Workplace culture can be positively expanded to be one of your most significant assets. Using tools of positive psychology, and founded in excellent research, this talk draws upon years of practical application. As a result, your company can be a leader, where talented applicants line up to get a chance to work for you, your own employees are your greatest champions, and everyone gives their hearts and minds to the work, not just selling their labor.

Learn to ride the wave of the Great Resignation, without wiping out!

Content highlights 

  • What is psychological capital?
  • Tackling culture one climate at a time
  • Adversity as a strengthening benefit
  • The five paths to building culture: meeting psychological needs

Leaders as Role Models - Stepping Beyond the Limitations of Management: How to Win the Hearts and Minds of Staff and Customers

Many leaders come to their roles as a function of their expertise in a specific subject matter, but leadership requires more than job-specific skills. Leadership is a way of being. This talk de-emphasizes what we individually know and instead asks us who we are.

Traditional employee engagement programs often buy the loyalty of employees’ bodies (workers show up) but do not win their hearts and minds. In this talk, learn direct interventions that change the way
employees FEEL about their work and their workmates. Leverage positive psychology to bring creativity, productivity, and joy into your workplace!

Management members who influence the behavior of staff can learn a mindset that shifts them from overseers of business processes to genuine leaders—seeing the big picture, articulating the direction, and embracing their team in a collaborative and committed mission.

Transformative organizational change occurs when bosses are coaches who lead with emotional intelligence and profound personal integrity.

Content highlights

  • Role modeling is a reality even when leaders are unaware
  • Contrasting true leadership from tasks found in a management job description
  • Engaging Hollywood video content that drives points home and inspires discussion
  • Emotional Intelligence as a tool to fuel worker commitment

Whole-brained Leadership: A New, “Feminine” Skillset for the Rapidly Changing Modern Economy

The speed and pace of the emerging economy is breathtaking. Yet, for most of us, most of the time, it goes unnoticed. Constant technological change, new markets, changing strategic relationships, and increasingly complex stakeholder management is the new normal.

Old leadership styles are inadequate. We know that traditional “command and control” is antiquated and ineffective. But what takes its place? How do we capably meet the challenge of the new economy and bring our teams alongside us in an energized, committed way?

This uplifting, funny presentation gets right at the heart of these issues while insightfully demonstrating that the path forward is practical and consists of learnable skills.  Paul shows how new leadership requires more access to whole-brained management: emotional intelligence, very high standards, and consistently drawing the best out of employee’s own intrinsic motivations.

Observing the real opportunities of 21st century industrial innovation, this conversation is about personal and corporate momentum. Organizations that anticipate the skillsets of the new economy can also navigate the path to massive success.

Content highlights 

  • Emerging, most sought-after skills are associated with right-brain characteristics
  • Combatting the social conditioning that limits leaders
  • The World Economic Forum’s analysis of future leadership qualities

Mindfulness Everywhere: The Secret Weapon for Life and Business

Why the heck is everyone talking about mindfulness these days? Mindfulness is the most researched of all positive psychology interventions. And the evidence is overwhelming clear: mindfulness is as foundational to good mental health as nutrition and exercise are to physical health.

This presentation takes the mystery out of mindfulness and calls on participants to take their mental and emotional well-being seriously. Participants learn how the mind physically changes as a result of regular mindfulness practice. Theory is grounded in practical application during the workshop.

With a foundation in science, taught with energy and humor, and served as a practical invitation, this workshop reveals what all the excitement is about. With over 25 years of personal experience in mindfulness practices, your facilitator has a rich understanding of how impactful this training can be.

Benefits of mindfulness

  • Improved emotional regulation
  • Increased resilience to stress
  • Faster mental processing
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Greater focus
  • More cognitive flexibility
  • Boosted immune system
  • Reduced heart rate and lower blood pressure

Powerful Safety Cultures in the Mature Economy

Your company probably has a solid, well-established written safety program. Your people know what they’re supposed to do. But are they doing it?

Breakdowns in safety often occur because of sometimes hidden emphasis on productivity over safety, and employee indifference to safe job procedures. These persistent problems can be resolved! It requires simple, consistent actions as part of a long-term commitment to positive safety cultures. 

In this inspirational introduction to the science of positive psychology, learn about the research results that prove happiness leads to greater safety success. Come away with applicable skills that will fuel your personal engagement and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence.  

The field of positive psychology research has massively expanded our understanding of human potential. We now know that happiness is key to successful outcomes in all aspects of life. And anyone can increase their level of happiness by implementing skills uncovered by scientific research. In addition,
organizations that commit to positive culture change can reap the proven benefit of reduced injury rates and less disability, both of which contribute to a better bottom line.

If your company knows “what to do” but too often finds staff and management fail to do it, you will come away with new insights about how to powerfully engage employees and create impactful, effective corporate culture.  

Participants will learn 21st Century Leadership qualities:  

  • How to win hearts and minds
  • Alignment of vision and action 
  • Leading by example 
  • Drive attention to what matters 
  • Practical tools to put into action right away

Integrity: Being a Safety Superstar

Safety really can be “Job One!”

Many senior leaders, front-line supervisors, safety officers and union representatives come to their roles because they are experts in their subject matter, but safety leadership requires much more than job-specific skills. This talk de-emphasizes the job skills leaders individually know and instead asks participants who they are.

Trust is an essential component to effective organization cultures. There is no single mechanism to create trust other than to behave with integrity. Words, slogans, images, and procedures can never take the place of action.

Pairing his information with fun clips from blockbuster Hollywood films, Paul shows how people naturally adjust their actions and cooperate with others in high integrity cultures.

In this presentation, those who influence the behavior of staff will learn a mindset that shifts them from overseers of business processes to genuine role models—seeing the big picture, articulating the direction, and embracing their team in a collaborative and committed mission. Transformative organizational change occurs when everyone walks the talk, operating with emotional intelligence and profound personal integrity.

Paul’s inspirational speech on integrity creates a lump in the throat as people question how they show up at work. People are confronted with the powerful question, “Am I bringing my best self?”

#MeToo In a Man’s World: A Discussion Like None Other about Workplace Respect!

How do we talk about gender discrimination without the conversation being “heavy”, “awkward“, and “depressing”? How do we address issues of misogyny and violence against women without men reacting defensively?

This uplifting, funny presentation gets right at the heart of these issues while insightfully demonstrating that the path forward lifts everyone—men and women. Paul shows how gender stereotypes that limit women also limit men. Observing the real opportunities of 21st-century industrial innovation, this conversation is about personal and corporate momentum. Organizations that can anticipate the new economy can also navigate the era of #MeToo.

Content highlights

  • The most sought-after skills are now ones most associated with feminine characteristics
  • How to combat the sociological conditioning that limits men’s expression
  • The World Economic Forum’s prognosis of future leadership qualities

Not Heroic: Just Save Lives

Can you think of examples of companies with excellent programs on paper and persistently disastrous safety outcomes? This talk powerfully changes perspective on what a good program looks like. Having a check mark of approval from your local workers’ compensation body looks good, but it doesn’t reflect real safety culture.

Drawing on his personal experience, Paul provides a case study on how to turn around safety culture. Paul shows how leaders can translate their written program into truly safe workplaces. This real-world example powerfully moves safety culture from scientific theory to an attainable goal for any company and industry.

Genuine cultural transformation is available. See the potential in your own workplace. Imagine a future in which each staff member volunteers their heart and mind, and not just the labor of their bodies.

Culture is found in the conversation—the basic human relationships that form the context in which work is done. This talk shows exactly how companies can move from good in theory to good in practice. Based on real-life work, see how culture can be practically changed. Learn, step-by-step, a complete approach to changing the human-to-human dynamic in a workplace setting.  

Funny, dramatic, and, at the same time, doable! Walk away with a whole new concept of what constitutes a culture of safety!

Combatting Inattention: Mindfulness Matters

The best safety systems have little application if workers are distracted and unfocused as they do their work. And we are all distracted these days. We are busier than ever, constantly considering our to-do lists, relationships, future worries, and past challenges. Combine this constant mental chatter with the perils of routine, repetitive work tasks and you have a recipe for disaster.

The secret weapon against distractions is mindfulness. Mindfulness is as important for your brain as exercise and nutrition are for your body. To be mindful is to be fully present with what is actually happening in the moment. Everyone can learn shortcuts to being focused on task, and holding distracting thoughts and emotions at a distance. 

Based on real mindfulness programs taught to the hardest, toughest industrial workers—logging crews on the wild west coast of British Columbia—this talk explains how mindfulness can be made a part of every safety program. 

This presentation explains what mindfulness is, why it’s important for everyone, and how to implement it. It will leave your team motivated to make a life-saving change.

Video clips

Paul Krismer, Happiness Expert

Paul Krismer - Speaker Reel

Speaker testimonials

Paul’s presentation during our National Planning Session was excellent! We got phenomenal feedback from everybody we polled. His approach was very interactive. He got people up who typically wouldn’t participate. It was a powerful, clear, and very positive message.

Jeff Smith | Investors Group

I hired Paul to deliver a workshop for a group of international project managers. The scientific basis of his teachings was really important to me. . . and delivered in such a fun way! Great feedback from the audience! Great participation! Everything was just what I asked for.

Linda Jones | Project Management Institute

Paul led a two hour workshop at our conference.  We got overwhelming positive feedback from the conference attendees. Paul brought an inspiring message . . . . If you are looking for an engaging speaker who can shift perspectives, I recommend Paul.

Ron Corbeil | SAFER

As a regular event planner, I am always looking for fresh, exciting speakers. Paul was everything I could hope for: professional, polished, funny, and very informative. My audience loved him. And we were all happier for the experience!

Lisa Tate | Institute of Families

Paul worked closely with our team and tailored the content to fit our unique needs. He easily engaged the audience with his energy and enthusiasm and I was amazed at how he made it all make sense with some practical skills to put into practice right away. He showed us all that happiness really is a positive choice that we can make every day.

Tammy Scott | Amica

We needed someone to come in a give the team a lift – to remind us of what we can accomplish together, and that our workplace is a good place to be! The thing that really strikes me about Paul is that he is real. He speaks from the heart, and he is truly passionate about what he talks about which easily engages his audience. I am telling anyone who will listen that Paul is fantastic!

Cheryl Lawrence | Government of British Columbia

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