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Robb Lucy

Robb Lucy was co-founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Canada,  and spent 25 years on its local, national and international boards. Because of this work, he received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Robb   continues to help develop non-profits in literacy, sports history, prostate cancer awareness and Search and Rescue.  He’s  enjoyed a career of writing, producing and connecting, as he spent six years as a producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, then led his own company, producing mixed media for corporations and governments around the world.

Robb is a story-finder and a story-teller, and this is what prompted him to write his  book “How Will You Be Remembered?” The book demonstrates why it’s not only important, but rewarding, to leverage our values, skills, talents and resources to build Legacies, and their stories… ranging from the story of an individual to the effect you can have on your organization now and in the future.

Robb’s formulas on how to create personal and corporate legacy stories will give your audience a stronger connection to themselves, their families, their colleagues, their jobs, and the meaning and purpose of each

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  1. How Will You Be Remembered?: The Definitive Guide to Creating and Sharing your Life Stories

    In this keynote, Robb Lucy (‘The Legacy Guy’) shares his formula to make your audience happier and performing at higher levels.  He helps organizations create engaged employees and corporate cultures that attract the best.

    Robb explains that performance, purpose and satisfaction are directly connected to knowing our values. Our values answer the question: What makes me run? And what are the values where I work? If a corporation is without clear values that direct its every move, and without a commitment to leave a mark that positively affects the future, its employees are likely performing with the same energy and focus.

    Clarifying values is the first step, then it’s building Legacies with your skills, talents and resources.  Robb demonstrates how to implement his formula to create hundreds of Legacies and their stories… which will inspire focus, energy and joy in each person.

    Those who are energized by the creation of their new, personal Legacies will then want to create Legacies for the organization. And that means an energized and engaged corporate culture, one with the fuel to promote growth and affect the future in a positive way.

Anyone who wants to LIVE their Legacies, and not just 'leave' a Legacy, should hear Robb. His presentation was uplifting and funny, with a great use of storytelling. Our audience was charmed. What Robb teaches is complex, but he makes it's very simple, and do-able. Robb taught our audience how to move their values, talents and skills into action, and how to create their own legacies, now.
VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation
Robb gave our guests and donors a mix of how-to tips, with compelling stories that inspire the imagination. Legacies can be built immediately. How wonderful a gift this is.
VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation
Robb Lucy does more than entertain his audience. He connects with people on an individual level and gets them thinking about legacy with a new perspective. Robb captures the true essence of what a Legacy is truly all about – people & family
Lions Gate Hospital Foundation
Robb Lucy was amazing and receiving his book was a bonus. I think as fundraisers it is powerful to be able to open up stories with our donors
TB Vets
Robb’s presentation about Leaving your Legacy was entertaining, thoughtful, and humourous! He had us thinking about who we are, what we value, and what we want our family to remember about our lives. Very enjoyable!
Probus Delta
I have to say in his talk, Robb really gave me support with what I am doing ! I loved hearing his validation!
West Vancouver Foundation

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