Ryan Walter

Ryan Walter

Stanley Cup Champion, Coach, Speaker, Author

Ryan Walter

Ryan Walter played and coached more than 1100 games over 17 seasons in the National Hockey League.

Drafted second overall by the Washington Capitals in 1978, Ryan was named the youngest NHL captain in his second of 4 seasons, played 9 seasons and won a Stanley Cup with the Montreal Canadians, and returned to his hometown to play his last 2 seasons for the Vancouver Canucks.

He was named Team Canada Captain in the World Junior Tournament, was selected to play in the NHL All-Star game and for Team Canada in 4 World Championships, became a Vice-President of the National Hockey League Players Association, and was honoured as NHL Man of the Year in 1992.

Ryan has been inducted into the BC Hockey Hall of Fame, the Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame, named to the 30 all-time Washington Capitals’ Dream team, the top 50 all-time BCHL players and the top 100 Montreal Canadians in 100 years.

Ryan has a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership/Business. He is the author of 5 books, the creator of the board game Trade Deadline Hockey, and a regular contributor to both online and print magazines and newspapers.

Ryan serves on the Hockey Canada Foundation’s Board of Directors and is a member of the Seton Hall Stillman School of Business Leadership Advisory Council.

Ryan won a Gold Medal at his inaugural 4 Nations Cup tournament as Head Coach of Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team. He has been an NHL coach, co-founder and president of two start-up companies, a TV hockey analyst, and a hockey adviser and actor for both television and movies.

Ryan’s enthusiasm from the page, the screen, the bench, the boardroom, and the podium is contagious as he fulfills his mission to “Inspire the hungry spirit!”

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    Every company’s greatest assets are, without question, the energy of their people, the synergy of their teams, and in today’s business climate, the agility of their culture. We may recognize the need for agility, but do we know how to grow this type of team culture? Ryan‘s NHL hockey experience combined with his unique visual model increases participants’ awareness of the thinking that powers agility and team performance.

    • Aristotle said, “Thoughts are causes.” Ryan helps you align your people’s mindset, centered in what we call the Offensive Zone, thereby increasing your opportunity to win. Understanding the difference between conscious thought and our unconscious FLOW/ZONE increases the creativity and performance of your people.
    • Ryan trains leaders to identify the 5 Mindsets of their Team and to learn how shifting personal thinking directly connects to cultural energy. As leaders develop common performance language, their teams will experience deeper conversations around team synergy. One of Ryan‘s signature statements is: “Culture turns on Language.”
    • Ryan‘s process will encourage a deeper awareness for better understanding of the foundation of agile cultures. The corporate athlete’s Inner Game is the key to flexibility and increased performance. Team agility is highly influenced by the ratio of positivity to the negativity that is explored in Ryan‘s Thinking Tendencies Model © Ryan Walter 2016, all rights reserved.

    This keynote will challenge teams and leaders to discover, activate and shift their culture’s energy and agility!


    • A deeper understanding of Metacognition role
    • How to recognize the mindset & the energy of their people
    • Working knowledge of Ryan‘s new 5 Mindset Model
    • Recognizing that your culture runs on Rumors
    • Remembering that culture increases or decreases on a Positive to Negative ratio
    • A process to “listen in” and activate cultural energy
    • The place that language plays on team performance and how to directly influence it through Intentional-Cultural-Conversations.

    Ryan starts this session taking participants into 3 NHL dressing rooms, sharing how the language of each culture revealed and influence the performance of that team.

    • Ryan helps leaders listen in to the difference between “blaming” language and “accountability” language. Understanding and influencing the “language” of their teams is one of the key leadership skills in 2018.
    • This keynote delivers 5 new-pieces-of-language that your teams can utilize to drive higher performance and team synergy. Participants will hear corporate and sports stories around how cultures have utilized these 5 new languages to hold each other accountable laterally.
    • Finally, Ryan walks participants through Dave Logan’s 5 Stages of Team and connects each stage to cultural language. Langauge gets used to move cultures to the next stage and to pull teams down.

    This keynote delivers a powerful understanding of where your team is currently at and also explores the practical “know-how” of how to shift culture by shifting language.


    • Build a process to decrease cultural BLAMING Language and increase No-Excuses Language
    • Shifting energy by understanding team mindset
    • The leadership recognition that your culture runs on language and how to influence it
    • A process to “listen in” to and activate cultural energy
    • Understanding what STAGE your team is at and how to advance it!
    • Changing leaderships focus off time and onto ENERGY

    Company leaders, do you want to watch your business drift or lead the shift? In this keynote, Ryan Walter equips leaders to recognize the 5 mindsets that will deliver or destroy their success. What’s the difference between a winning and losing team? Mentality.

    Ryan‘s highly interactive presentation will teach you a whole new way to look at Coaching and Mentoring, Performance Management, and Corporate Culture.

    My old coach Pat Quinn said “They are wrong… there is an “I” in team. As an NHL Coach, I have 24 “I”s on my team and If I don’t take care of the “i”s on my team I will not have a team.” Successful leaders coach both individual energy and team synergy!

    This session will include:

    • An overview of what works, from Ryan‘s 17 NHL seasons of playing, coaching and being coached.
    • You will receive 30 Key coaching questions to increase energy
    • Ryan will guide participants through his 4Pi Coaching model, teaching leaders a coaching structure for 1 on 1 coaching or to change energy during cultural conversations.
    • Understanding the latest Neuro-Science on coaching INSIGHT and why this is the KEY to coaching. We will also examine why the best coaches develop winning players and successful team

    * A process (4Pi) to follow while coaching
    * The power of “Insight” and how to increase it through coaching
    * A very practical process to increase Metacognition and develop the thinking of your people
    * A process to “listen in” and activate personal energy
    * The key skill to influence the “language” of your team!



    How do leaders keep people HUNGRY?
    This transformational program will share 4 key factors and 3 key emotions to impact your people’s hungry spirit and personal engagement.

    Ryan draws practical principles both from the latest scientific research, his time as a President/CEO and his Stanley Cup-winning NHL experience to create a fun, inspiring, principle-driven learning process.

    This presentation:

    • Gives leaders an understanding of the FLOW/ZONE and how hungry, agile cultures have a process to prepare for FLOW and an understanding of how to protect FLOW in their work place.
    • Enlightens leaders to increase their focus on the emotions of Pride, Gratitude, and Compassion to inspire and energize their culture.
    • Asks participants; “What is your team RATIO?” Every team has a positive to negative ratio. Hungry/Engaged teams are aware of the ratio and are always looking for new ways to adjust the temperature.
    • Will give leaders a powerful understanding of how to energize intrinsic energy. Changing “have to’s” into “want to’s”

    * Discover the performance connection between sports and business
    * How to prepare your people for increased FLOW and how to protect FLOW in your office
    * Increasing the emotions of Pride, Gratitude, and Compassion in your culture increases resilience and the HUNGRY Spirit
    * Choosing different remedies for different people to sustain their HUNGRY mindset!
    * Staying personally and culturally HUNGRY

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