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Scott Amyx

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Thought leader, venture capitalist and author on smart, sustainable cities, exponential technologies, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Scott Amyx is an internationally recognized thought leader, venture capitalist, speaker, and author on smart, sustainable cities, exponential technologies, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He has appeared or spoken on TV, New York TimesTIMEForbes, TechCrunch, TEDx, CIO, Washington Post, WIRED, Forrester, G20, European Commission, United Nations, ITU, Pew Research Center, Environmental Defense Fund, and a host of other prominent global publications, institutions, and events.

Scott was voted the Most Influential Leader in Smart Cities and awarded the 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders by Inc. Magazine, Internet of Things Institute, HP Enterprise, World CSR Congress, and numerous institutions. Scott is enabling the realization of a global network of smart, sustainable cities through his partnerships with the United Nations, United Smart Cities, United for Smart Sustainable Cities, Smart Cities Council, and ASEAN Smart Cities Network, family offices, and institutional investors.

Scott is the author of StriveHow Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success, and the upcoming  The Human Race: How Humans Can Survive in the Robotic AgeStrive has been endorsed by Tony Robbins, Forbes, Singularity University, Tribeca Film Festival, and other global influencers.

Scott has over 20 years of large-scale strategy and implementation experience, managing double digit million dollar projects across multiple verticals. In his last corporate position as VP of Product Management, Scott helped the company be acquired by a Fortune 500 publicly traded company. Scott has also started numerous startups and successfully sold a company.

Scott has a master’s degree in applied microeconomics/ public policy from the University of Chicago. Scott was a national Sloan Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University.

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How to Consistently Think Outside-of-the-Box for 10x Growth

Your boss tells you to create the next multi-million dollar blockbuster product. After all, you are the expert. Yet, no matter how much your team tries to think outside-of-the-box, your innovation iterations can’t seem to break through the legacy product. Sure it has better bells and whistles but at the end of the day, it’s still the same widget with a new name.

Scott shares that companies can systematically achieve better innovation outcomes by utilizing a combination of crowdsourcing and AI computation to create serendipity. Great ideas don’t have to occur once in a blue moon; it can happen consistently. Scott asserts that great ideas are inspired from other domains. Using a proven research-based methodology, Scott helps your organization to solve highly complex product development and innovation projects by utilizing the symbiosis of human-machine innovation.

Why Innovation Benefits from Dissent

How are decisions made in your organization? We like to believe that we make optimal decisions based on group consensus. According to research, even the best orchestrated consensus thinking is less creativity than the sum of their members. By definition, consensus is a general agreement among members of a group. In order to reach consensus, there are trade-offs. We start out with a complex problem with many dimensions, much like a heptagon with 100 sides. As concessions are made, the once jagged polygon smooths out to a simple rounded polygon with less sides. What we get is something not dissimilar from what others have already come up with, including our competitors. We fail to achieve a breakthrough.

Scott shares that in order to produce superior decision-making, organizations must embrace authentic dissenting viewpoints. Based on research, Scott indicates that when a team member shares a dissenting viewpoint, the creativity of the group increases. Dissent stimulates thought that is divergent, and leads to greater innovation and creativity. It improves the quality of decision-making. We become more independent thinkers and, more importantly, we think divergently.

Why Innovation Shouldn’t Start with Business Requirements

There is an exciting new project kicking off at your work. So naturally, you start with requirements gathering. You hold a series of requirements gathering working sessions with stakeholders and users. The questions are generally oriented towards “what do you want?” However, this is highly problematic, especially if this is a new product or service. Matter of fact, asking your target customers what they want might even lead to disastrous results.

Scott presents the concepts of benefit-oriented and emotion-oriented requirements methodologies that will not only sharpen your requirements process but produce a profoundly innovative solution that will be lauded and loved by your customers. A benefits-oriented approach summarizes the greatest user needs to the highest abstraction level. It forces us to lift our eyes up from granularity of feature set to see the big picture. An emotion-oriented requirements approach increases user adoption, engagement and ultimate success of a new product or service by focusing on the underlying human emotional goals.

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Scott’s presentation at NED 2018 was very refreshing, filled with interesting best practices from around the world and content tailored specifically for our country. We appreciate that he researched deeply into our culture, economics, politics and digital maturity to help our audience understand where we as a nation stand in digital transformation. His speech rallied the audience to keep moving forward, to continuously improve and to understand how Peru can lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

NED/ Seminarium Team

It was great working with Scott Amyx at this years’ IoT World and IoT Security shows where he provided some great insight into IoT technologies, the Wearables markets; and securing IoT networks through managed PKI Certificates! His presentations were engaging and comprehensive and we look forward to continuing to work with Scott moving forward.


Scott has his finger on the pulse of IoT and Wearables. He’s a definitive source of knowledge, who ties together all of the activity occurring in this nascent sector. Highly recommended.

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