Scott Kress

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Accomplished Mountaineer, Change, Leadership & Team Building Expert

Scott is a highly accomplished leadership and team development trainer, author and keynote speaker.

He is the President of Summit Team Building and has created highly successful development programs for many of the Fortune 500 companies.

Scott has only one goal; to assist teams, leaders, and individuals in reaching their peak performance.  This is accomplished through combining the latest team and leadership theory with cutting edge experiential training
to create one of the most effective training programs available today.

Scott’s team and leadership development programs are custom designed to meet each client’s needs. What sets Scott apart is his ability to scale mountains. Scott has gained great insight into the inner workings of leadership and high performance teams through almost 30 years of leading climbing expeditions.

Scott is the 51st Canadian to summit Mount Everest and when he stood atop Mount Vinson in Antarctica he became the 17th Canadian to climb the seven summits; the highest point on all seven continents. Years of experience, two undergraduate degrees and a Masters in Leadership and Training provide Scott with unique qualifications to design and deliver some of the most innovative corporate experiential based training available today.

Scott has taught Leadership and High Performance Team Development for some of the world’s leading educational institutions including the Rotman School of Management, the Odette School of Business, and the University of Edinburgh. Scott teaches in the Executive MBA, International Executive MBA, and MBA programs and has received several teaching awards including professor of the year.

Some of Scott’s programs focus on; Teambuilding, New Team Formation, High Performance Team Development, Leadership Development, Values and Mission Creation, Communication Enhancement, Change
Management, and Process Improvement.

Through his dynamic background of education, training, experience, and adventure, Scott can help your teams and leaders reach the peak of their performance. .

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Speaking topics

Reach the Summit: Peak team building strategies

Not only is Scott a world-class explorer, he is also a world-class team building and leadership trainer.

In this dynamic and insightful presentation Scott will motivate and educate. He will share dramatic stories from the wind-swept mountains of the world and walk you through the process of building a high performance team that can get the job done.

Scott will help the audience understand how teams form, and why sometimes they don’t. What are the critical factors involved in building resilience, trust, communication and accountability into a team. Every team member is important and without collaboration and teamwork you will not reach full potential.

Not only will this presentation be engaging and entertaining, but you will walk away with practical tools and strategies to build a high performance team.

Leaning Into Thin Air

When Scott engages his audiences with audacious tales of an Everest climb where arrests and deportations were frequent, and seamlessly ties that into reaching ones professional and personal goals, one can’t help but listen. And one can’t help but learn as Scott demonstrates that the tools he uses to find success in the mountains are the same tools that each member of the audience can start to use in their workplace. Scott’s presentations are high-energy, engaging and passionate but most importantly they are relevant to the challenges faced by organizations and their teams today.

The results:

  • Motivate and inspire your teams
  • Set and achieve stretch goals
  • Meet challenges with new enthusiasm
  • Engage leaders to build high performance teams
  • Understand how to flourish within change and ambiguity
  • Encourage ownership and accountability for results
  • Create big-picture thinking and generate interdepartmental collaboration

South Pole: Achieving The Outrageous

After trekking 1000km unsupported to the South Pole, Scott became the 7th Canadian to accomplish this goal and one of less than 100 people in history. Along with this achievement comes the motivational keynote “Achieve the Outrageous”.

In this presentation, Scott will share the story of his punishing 44 day expedition across some of the most hostile ground on the planet. As always Scott will punctuate this adventure with learning and application. Whereas his Everest presentation “Learning in Thin Air” has a strong team building focus, “Achieve the Outrageous” is aimed at helping the individual within the team perform at their peak.

Scott will outline the 7 key factors in achieving the outrageous. Any company, leadership team, departmental team or individual seeking to achieve a big goal will benefit from this presentation. Scott will share his insights into goal setting, overcoming adversity, perseverance, and so much

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Scott Kress

Speaker testimonials

Scott Kress was the opening Key Note for the AceTech Ontario Annual Retreat. He was a fantastic speaker and, for the first time ever at one of our events, obtained a perfect 5 out of 5 rating from every single one of our attendees that filled out a survey. His topic was incredibly interesting and his presentation very engaging, both because Scott is an excellent speaker and because his adventures are riveting. But beyond that he was able to consistently tie back the lessons he learned on the mountains to relevant business concepts relating to personal growth, leadership and team building. I would highly recommend Scott as a speaker in almost any business environment. Here are a few comments from AceTech Ontario CEOs in attendance; · “Entertaining, relevant, and applicable.” · “Very good speaker and great way to analogize to the business world. 5 out of 5 from me!” · “5 out of 5 for me, Scott was great, most excellent way to really kick off the conference!!!” “Both engaging and relevant” · “5 out of 5!!! Excellent presentation with compelling messages that van actually be used immediately” · “The personalized book was the icing on the cake. Very well done, informative and fascinating” · “Very relevant for me personally and in business” · “This was a 5 in my opinion. Extremely interesting, thought provoking and an engaging presenter. Just excellent!”

AceTech Ontario

Scott Kress addressed our conference with his 90 minute keynote message followed up with a workshop designed to apply his presentation content directly to our work environment. In terms of pure entertainment the presentation was well worth the money we paid. Scott’s stories kept us riveted. It was not only what he was saying but it also had a slight physical effect with many of those in attendance. We really did “feel” what Scott was talking to us about…listening, hearing AND seeing it…his presentation completely touched on a few senses!! However what I also found very beneficial were the number of takeaways that were perfect segues into vibrant group discussions immediately after. These discussions led to solid actions that my team and I will be plowing through in the weeks ahead. I will also say that the way Scott Kress delivers his presentation is really first class. He does remind me of the “guy next door”…your friend next door…that has a blockbuster not so next door story for you! In sum…great for the entertainment alone…throw in the group work after and it is a one plus one equals three presentation! Highly recommended. (except to my competitors…oh what the heck they should experience it too…will make us all better!)

First National Financial

As the adage goes… The road is littered with failed or distracted companies loaded with plenty of I-Q, it is often the E-Q that propels success or kills it! In a life-changing experience, you gain invaluable insights and learn to think differently. Scott Kress masterfully connects with the audience and navigates them to a place where the audience gains from his breathtaking and harrowing experiences climbing Mt. Everest. Warning! Your team will leave with real lessons and valuable takeaways that will give your company the very edge needed to successfully run and grow right past your competitors!

Million Air Aviation

Scott is and engaging and authentic leadership expert. His unique ability to share real life experiences combined with his academic expertise provides a powerful and meaningful keynote presentation. He takes the time to understand your corporate objectives and tailors his delivery in a relevant format that has lasting impact on all of those in attendance. He engages and challenges the audience in such a way that leaves them really thinking about their leadership approach. I would highly recommend him for any organization that is looking for more “meat on the bone” when considering a keynote speaker.

Robert Half International Inc.

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