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Scott McKain

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Customer Experience Expert and Best-Selling Business Author

Not Just Another Business Speaker!

Scott’s matchless experiences have continued throughout his life. They range from playing the villain in a Werner Herzog film that Roger Ebert called one of the 50 “great movies” in cinema history to being booked to speak by Arnold Schwarzenegger for an event on the White House lawn with the President in the audience; from being the author of business books named among the “year’s ten best” to membership of multiple Boards of Directors.

The tapestry of Scott McKain’s distinctive experiences have blended to create the inimitable content that makes him one of the world’s most in-demand business experts and speakers.

Scott first became interested in business — and creating Ultimate Customer Experiences® — while helping in the family business, the grocery store in his hometown of Crothersville, Indiana.

After high school graduation, Scott was elected as the Indiana President, then as a National Officer of a half-million-member student leadership organization. By the end of his terms, Scott had presented over 1,000 speeches on platforms ranging from high school cafeterias to arenas with audiences of 20,000+ in attendance. By age 21, Scott had chatted with the President in the Oval Office, lunched with the President of Brazil, had a private meeting with the Chairman of General Motors, and dined with the real-life Colonel Sanders of KFC fame.

These unique experiences as a youth inspired both a passion for the platform and a fascination with business and leadership that continues to this day.

Not Just Another Speech

Scott has delivered over 2000 presentations in 36 countries across six of the seven continents helping audiences create more compelling connections, provide ultimate customer experiences and stand out personally and professionally.

Scott shares his distinctive ideas and iconic speaking style to the most important events in the world and has been honored with the following:

  • Currently “Corporate Educator in Residence” at High Point University, named by U.S. News & World Report as the nation’s “most innovative” university.
  • He has been honored with induction into the “Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.”
  • He was selected to join Seth Godin, Zig Ziglar, and Dale Carnegie as one of about 25 members of the “Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame.”
  • He is a member of “Speakers Roundtable” — an elite, invitation-only group of twenty business speakers considered by many to be among the best in the world.

Scott currently lives with his wife Tammy in Las Vegas where they are involved in several charitable organizations.

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Speaking topics

ICONIC: How Organizations and Leaders Attain, Sustain, and Regain the Ultimate Level of Distinction

This keynote answers the critical question: What is an iconic organization or leader? And, it will clearly reveal how you can attain, sustain, or regain that status.

Being distinctive in the marketplace used to be the pinnacle of success. In today’s global marketplace, that mountain is significantly more difficult to climb. Add the pervasive presence of social media and the competition for attention is more intense than ever before.

Merely standing out is more challenging than ever. It now has less impact on sustained growth. Today, to become a compelling company, leader, or brand on a positive trajectory, one must attain iconic status.

Scott will share fresh stories on iconic professionals and organizations. You’ll learn there are only two factors upon which customers and employees judge your organization. He will reveal unique examples like the millionaire chimney sweep. You’ll learn about the single-store steakhouse in a mid-sized city that has higher revenue than New York City’s famed Tavern on the Green.

What is the outcome of this keynote presentation? You and your organization will be ready to achieve iconic status through sound research and practical wisdom.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • The Five Factors of Iconic Performance
  • The ONLY two factors upon which customers will judge you
  • Why much of what you’ve heard – like “under promise/over deliver,” “defense wins championships,” “sell harder” – does not work in today’s marketplace of multiple generations and cultures.
  • Improved results from learning the required steps for Iconic performance
  • Expanded appreciation of the importance of personal responsibility in team success
  • Advanced skills and thinking on the important issue of improving processes
  • Enhanced precision about goals and organizational direction

CREATE DISTINCTION: What To Do When “Great” Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business

In this keynote or workshop, Scott teaches how to create distinction. He will show you how to deliver ultimate customer experiences® to earn customers for life.

The most important question we must confront is: “WHY would we get chosen instead of our competition?”

In this high-impact keynote, Scott shares distinctive stories from his extensive case studies. He provides the specific action steps that every professional must undertake to stand out and move up. And, he will show you how to avoid commoditization by expanding your innovation.

Scott’s insights on current trends have been globally recognized as cutting edge. His masterful storytelling ability means your attendees will enjoy the speech — and execute the strategies.

Your outcome will be an audience prepared to drive business growth by creating distinction — personally and professionally

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • The ability to avoid the mistakes of commoditization
  • Improved results from learning the specific steps to create distinction
  • Improved appreciation of the importance of personal responsibility in organizational growth
  • Expanded skills and thinking on the important issue of innovation
  • Enhanced clarity about goals and organizational direction
  • Knowledge of communication approaches that transcend generational differences
  • Discovery of the specific steps required to deliver superior experiences for customers

30-120 minutes


There is a stunning difference between what customers want and what most organizations offer. And, as Scott McKain’s research proves, this widening gulf creates dissatisfaction, distrust, and –worst of all for any business — disloyalty.

What customers really want today is a superior client experience. Certainly, they want good service, a great product, and a competitive price. However, what creates client loyalty is a connection through personalization, differentiation, and emotion.

A critical question for you is: What is the ultimate experience that a customer could have as they do business with your organization? Scott McKain has vast experience and cutting-edge strategies on how to create distinction and deliver ultimate customer experiences®.

Your participants will discover what it takes to produce undying loyalty and endless referrals. By sharing specifics and stories from the iconic companies within Scott’s portfolio of case studies, you’ll discover how to deliver ultimate experiences to both internal and external customers.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • The five steps of an Ultimate Customer Experience
  • Why the experience – and not service – generates loyalty; and what you need to do to create it
  • The information you need to personalize the experience, in order to intensify the customer’s commitment to your organization
  • The Six Disconnections Between Organizations and Customers — and how to bridge the gaps so you can engage distinctively

30-120 minutes


THE ICONIC SALES PROFESSIONAL: How To Stand Out and Win in a Hyper-competitive Marketplace

In this keynote program or workshop, Scott reveals the specific steps to win sales in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

Most organizations are selling customers and prospects exactly like their competitors. As Scott McKain’s research reveals, part of the reason is that organizations have not thoroughly educated their sales professionals. Many salespeople have not specifically learned how to emphasize the differences required to make their product or service the superior choice.

Scott relates unique stories from iconic companies and professionals from his portfolio of client case studies. He provides the strategies and tactics required to deliver iconic sales performance.

Attendees of this high-impact keynote presentation will learn what it takes to sell distinctively.

Scott’s insights on current trends in sales have been globally recognized as cutting edge. His masterful storytelling ability means your attendees will enjoy the speech. His vast experience and insight mean that they will execute his sales strategies.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • Sell the differences that make you a preferred choice
  • Four strategies to sell uniquely from your competition
  • How to transcend transaction and develop loyal relationships for more sales
  • The six key disconnections between sales professionals and their customers
  • Learn that we are chosen for our uniqueness – not our similarities

30-120 minutes

DEVELOPING A DISTINCTIVE CULTURE: Creating Ultimate Employee Experiences in a Multi-generational Workforce

In this keynote presentation or workshop, Scott helps you develop a game plan that respects our differences – and helps you draw strength from your diversity.

You’ve probably heard it before: culture will always surpass strategy. Culture is the primary factor that determines how we execute. So, how do we develop a culture that creates distinction — especially in this time with so many diverse generations and cultures working together?

Attendees of this highly engaging presentation will learn how to communicate more effectively. They’ll grow in their understanding of the unique expectations of today’s modern workforce.

Scott’s insights on current workforce trends are globally recognized as cutting edge. His masterful storytelling ability means that your attendees will enjoy the speech — and execute the strategies.

After this keynote, you and your attendees will understand what it takes to win in a workplace with multiple generations. You’ll be prepared to elevate opportunities and embrace change.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • Why “different” from how we do it doesn’t mean “incorrect” in how it’s done
  • How generational differences can create distinction when we develop an open, accepting organizational culture
  • How to thrive in a workplace with multiple generations, and how to work with people who think differently than you
  • The role of mentors – including “reverse mentorship”…in other words, learning from those younger than you


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Speaker testimonials

The only speaker in the history of our company to have received a perfect score from EVERY attendee at our most important global partners event. We’ve booked the leading speakers in the world. Scott McKain received the highest ratings of all.


It is not often I will make such a recommendation, but in this case I feel it is very much worth it – so if you are thinking about an event to reinforce the Customer Focus and get a new angle on the topic, then I can only recommend that you get in touch with Scott.


He was a hit! Had the entire group laughing while also giving very insightful information.

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