Spencer Beach

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Workplace Safety, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Every day we wake up and live our lives following the same routine. We get up at the same time, eat the same breakfast and kiss our spouses goodbye as we leave for work. On our way, we fill our lives with fleeting thoughts about dinner, our jobs, or obligations later in the day.

Spencer Beach learned that sometimes tragedy chooses you for no reason at all. On a day like any other, just doing his job, Spencer found himself suddenly engulfed in a flash fire. It came with a whistle and a bang, changing his life within the blink of an eye. Forever. Within twenty seconds, he received third and fourth degree burns to 90 percent of his body.

He fought through the fire to escape, to live even though he thought he was going to die. Holding onto the fading thoughts of his pregnant  wife gave him the courage to find a way out. But he had no idea what survival would mean.

Sitting in the hospital when the pain was still very real. Spencer found his anger losing its edge. His anxiety fading.  He remembered vaguely that he had been horribly depressed but he was happy! That was the moment he knew he had something to share and had a voice. After spending 14 months in the hospital and a year more of rehabilitation he has gone on to carve out a new path for his life. Today, through keynote presentations, Spencer uses his experiences to inspire others to be safe and put the fire behind them to move forward in their lives.

He has now achieved such designations as a Construction Safety Officer through the Alberta Construction Safety Association, as well completed with distinction the University of Alberta’s, Faculty of Extensions, Occupational Health & Safety Certificate program.  Spencer has been an international professional speaker for 15 years and delivered over 1,600 presentations.

His messages focus on people’s behaviours to improve workplace safety, overcoming hardship, drug and alcohol abuse, understanding self and self-esteem, healthcare groups and more.

Spencer is also the author of his bestselling book In Case of Fire, works with WCB Alberta to motivate injured workers, is a volunteer for the Friends of the University Hospital of Alberta, was awarded the 2013 Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40 for his community work and was the first recipient of the Award of Courage through Glenrose Hospital.

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Speaking topics

Forged in the Fire

How do you embrace change when it happens? Whether it is in a corporate restructure, new initiatives, a policy role out or change from unforeseen circumstances this presentation will ignite the audience in positively impact the outcome of change.

Spencer opens his heart and relives his story to share with the audience how every fearful and painful moment was to become a blessing. By using his expert story-telling and amazing sense of humor Spencer will ignite the audience to believing in the power of help. This presentation will never leave you as the messages will be applicable throughout life.

Goals and Benefits

  • To inspire the audience to actively work with new initiates, policies and restructuring
  • To remove barriers from accepting and asking for help
  • To remove the hesitation created from the uncertainty of change
  • To prioritize what is important in life and what are distractions
  • To improve positive communication through change
  • To create a positive work environment through change
  • To make the tools provided easy to use

Turning Demons into Diamonds

We all have days we wish never occurred. What if there was a way to take these bad days and turn them into days we treasure, days we find strength from, days we are even proud of?

Turning Your Demons into Diamonds takes the audience through Spencer’s own bad days and how he had lost all hope while recovering from severe burns. Yet it was in that darkness that he found light, hope, strength, and resilience. This presentation will teach why we all have bad days, the purpose to them and how to find strength from them. This session will aid the audience when any challenge enters their life.

Goals and Benefits

  • To help participants achieve successes from their own hardships
  • To end self-defeating attitudes
  • To explain the power of anger
  • To help the audience members identify when something has happened to disrupt their lives
  • To improve self esteem
  • The healing cycle we go through when hardship finds us
  • To provide lasting tools that will go with the participants everywhere

Get It Done Safely

Spencer uses the story of his injury to show how he could have embraced safety and prevented his incident’s harmful effects on my family and friends. He shows the audience how they could suffer the same kind of pain, suffering, loss and disabling effects from simple mistakes, and how easily it is to avoid such hardship by embracing safety. “Get it Done Safely” is finely tailored to improve the use, understanding and importance of any organization’s safety system, the safety culture at work and the individual’s role in safety at home. This presentation will have an immediate and lasting impact on all levels of your organization.

Goals and Benefits

  • Reduces workplace incidents
  • Show the company’s commitment to its workers’ safety
  • Improve the workers’ use and ownership of the safety system
  • Bring’s the company’s safety culture to the next level
  • Remind’s workers what they have to protect through working safely
  • Increases communication in meetings and onsite
  • Improves hazard identification and use of pre-job forms
  • Improves the use and identification of  PPE
  • Increases teamwork towards achieving zero incidents
  • Opens up the worker to allowing engagement from company’s leadership
  • Reduce substandard work as safety improves

The Safety Bubble

This keynote explores the behaviors of workers by looking at the gut instinct we all have and “the safety bubble”.  Spencer shows the audience why people push back when others address their safety behavior as people tend not to listen to their own gut instinct. If we are not willing to listen to ourselves when our gut is speaking to us how can we ever expect people will listen to others when they approach their safety behavior? By addressing this concept Spencer invites the audience to pop their safety bubble and allow others into their safety behavior. Through these technique the worker will gain a new perspective on listening to themselves and how it’s okay to let others help them with safety, how refusing unsafe worker means the work still is completed but in an improved way and Spencer will tie the workers culture to the organizations culture by showing how safety is the #1 thing the organization offers a workers that fits the workers culture.

Goals and Benefits

  • Reduces workplace incidents
  • Show the company’s commitment to its workers’ safety
  • Improve the workers’ use and ownership of the safety system
  • Brings the company’s safety culture to the next level
  • Reminds workers what they have to protect through working safely
  • Increase communication in meetings and onsite
  • Increases teamwork towards achieving zero incidents
  • Reduce substandard work as safety improves


Do or Do Not: There is no Try with Safety

This presentation is designed to help top, middle management and foremen understand how to engage the workers behaviors to improve their safety systems. In this presentation, we look at the role leaders have in bringing production and safety to being equally valued by the worker. This is accomplished by looking at the organization’s culture from the workers perspective. From the workers viewpoint we learn what their culture is, what portions of the companies cultures truly matter to them and how important it is to speak to the workers culture for them to embrace the organization’s culture.

Goals and Benefits

  • Reduces workplace incidents
  • Show why instilling safety awareness is a challenge
  • Show’s the importance of recognizing and engaging workers behaviors at the management level
  • Understanding how the workers culture when engaged feeds the organizations culture
  • To establish techniques in communicating safety with the language of the worker
  • How to reduce time spent by leaders engaging workers while improving safe production results

Hope through Healthcare

Hope Through Healthcare reaches health-care disciplines from nursing to therapies. The presentation is designed to show the importance of forming bonds and using motivational techniques to improve the patient’s recovery. I will also explain why patients can have different attitudes while facing similar situations, helping the professional to aid in the emotional recovery of their patient. I recount my discovery of the “Healing Cycle,” showing why clients have good and bad days, what they actually mean, and how to direct a client’s recovery to a positive outcome.

Goals and Benefits

  • To encourage health-care professionals
  • To show how to deliver techniques that can improve or shorten a patient’s hospital stay
  • To show how to motivate hope for patients with even the worst illnesses or injuries
  • To offer insight into patients’ emotions and attitudes during their recoveries
  • To renew health-care professionals’ passion for their work

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Spencer Beach

Speaker testimonials

Spencer is awesome! Glad we had a moment with him. He is not only a survivor but a huge motivation for others. Definitely, Spencer made a huge impact and delivered in a way that we expected. Employees took his life story seriously and hopefully that will impact some seriously when doing unsafe practice in the workplace. Thanks for all your support in getting this done smoothly. Appreciate your help through this.

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