Stephen Skyvington

Health care policy Expert, Lobbyist and Author

Stephen Skyvington

Stephen Skyvington is one of Canada’s pre-eminent political pundits and health care policy experts. His columns regularly appear in newspapers all across Canada, under the banner Opinions and Observations. Stephen also appears on NEWSTALK 1010 with Ted Woloshyn every Saturday afternoon.

Formerly the manager of government relations for the Ontario Medical Association, where he spent seven years lobbying elected officials and civil servants at all three levels of government, Stephen is currently the president of PoliTrain Inc., a public relations firm he founded in 2001, specializing in leadership development and candidate training, lobbying and crisis management.

In addition to being a full-time registered lobbyist, Stephen, who has been involved in politics since 1988, also has a great deal of experience in community and stakeholder relations, as well as media and government relations. He lives in Cobourg, Ontario.

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  1. THIS MIGHT HURT A BIT : Reinventing Canada's Health-Care System

    The Canadian Health care system has long been admired by Canadians who are proud to live in a Country where anyone receives healthcare when they need it.  Stephen Skyvington has taken on the role of whistler blower and shares why our healthcare system needs to evolve.  He shares a look at the history on our health care system from Tommy Douglas and the Saskatchewan Experiment; the Hall Commission and the Introduction of Medicare and the Canada Health Act.  And he explains why the Myth of “Free” Health Care, issues related to the Hypocritical Oath, the Law of unintended consequences are compounding problems and why revising the Canada Health Act now is critical to manage our future health care needs.

    Audience Benefits

    This keynote is a truly unique redesign of the Canada’s health care system in a creative, ground-breaking way. Thinking outside the box, Skyvington explains why change must occur, the implications of embracing the status quo and doing nothing, and talks about how all Canadians need to be engaged in order to save our health care system, rebuilding it into something new and better.

Stephen Skyvington is an articulate, thoughtful expert and commentator on health care. He lays bare uncomfortable truths about its sustainability and offers solutions. If you’re concerned about the future of medicare in Canada, listen to what he has to say!
Keith Meloff MD
Ontario Medical Association
Stephen Skyvington demands a discussion on health care. He pokes, prods, and provokes until he gets the debate Canadians need.
Shawn Whatley, MD
Ontario Medical Association
Stephen Skyvington is a story teller whose experiences as a health care advocate and a player make his observations meaningful to all of us: as patients, taxpayers, and Canadians
Ronald A. Kustra
Canadians for Sustainable Medicare
For decades, Stephen Skyvington has seen Canadian health care through the eyes of doctors, politicians, and as a patient. He knows what’s wrong with our system and what it needs to once again become the best in the world
Douglas Mark
Skyvington shows how everyone has screwed up health care, and what we must do to save it. The prescriptions are strong, but they may save your life!
Richard Worzel
Canada’s leading futurist

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