Steve Brinder

Steve Brinder

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Teacher and Celebrated Entertainer

By day, Steve Brinder is a school teacher, who is loved by his students. By night, he is a brilliant stand up comedian, whose brand of wry social commentary wins over even the most hardened audiences.

He has combined both careers to create the perfect marriage of humour and social commentary. His material comes directly from the class room and from the heart.

Steve Brinder’s work has won accolades from entertainment industry veterans, appearances on CBC’s “Comics!”, and at comedy festivals across North America, including the world-renowned Halifax and Winnipeg Comedy Festivals.

He has also toured with Jay Leno, Jim Carey, and Howie Mandel.

What makes Brinder unique among his peers is that he never gave up his day job. And that day job, as a substitute teacher, provides him with an endless stream of material, and the ability to be funny, without being mean.

That makes Steve the perfect choice for corporate and association events. His humour has broad appeal, touching on school, relationships, family life and work, but it never crosses the line into offensive or gratuitous.

Working from laborious research, Brinder, on stage, displays his insatiable curiosity, his sharp intelligence, and his genuine affection and respect for humanity. “He’s bright, touching … hilarious” says The Toronto Star.

“Steve Brinder has the rare talent to make us laugh at ourselves….” Downtown Magazine, Rochester New York.

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Speaking topics

Hilarious Tales From the Class Room

Tales from the Classroom is an insightful, inspirational and hilarious look at the everyday challenges teachers face in the classroom. Not only does it offer ways teachers can stay sane but it also reminds teachers of the reasons they became teachers in the first place!  Cleverly crafted and delivered with impeccable timing, Brinders’s jokes and stories—a lot of them culled from his day job as a substitute teacher—send audiencdes into fits of hysteria.  Perfect for  teachers who need to hear from someone who knows what life in the classroom is like, and can help them both to laugh at the trials and tribulations of the profession, and be inspired by the impact they have on the lives of our children. Steve knows that today, more than ever, teachers need to laugh to relieve stress and to put things in perspective. Teaching is often a lonely profession. Teachers prepare lessons by themselves, teach by themselves and mark by themselves so  Steve shares why a sense of humour is a key to teacher survival and shares how to achieve it.  By laughing together, teachers are brought closer together and realize that they are all in this together.

Life is just a Further Extension of the Classroom: Lessons We Have Forgotten along The Way.

In this speech, which is a blend of comedy, inspiration and practical life lessons, Steve Brinder shares what he has learned from his “clients”, the children he works with in his day job as a substitute elementary school teacher. Some of the very things that companies spend millions of dollars trying to train people to do most of us already learned, and practiced daily, when we were in grade school. From the importance of listening to others, sharing what we have and being fair, to the progress we can make by paying attention to both our creative and rational sides, Steve touches on some of the most elemental truths to remind us all what it takes to be successful. With a deft touch and down-to-earth sense of humour, he is an ideal guide to the lessons that we all once learned, but have forgotten as time and responsibility have taken their toll. This talk will uplift, inspire and energize any audience.

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Steve Brinder

Speaker testimonials

The event was great and the response to Steve was fantastic! Lots of laughs 🙂 He understood my preparatory comments about who the audience was and he really tailored his anecdotes to the staff in the room. They were engaged, in stitches and participated when he asked for audience participation. It’s all I could have hoped for and more. We’ve received unsolicited feedback from participants which is the best kind.

Ottawa Catholic School Board

Steve Brinder was exactly what our school division needed when we needed it the most. We originally booked Steve knowing we were looking for someone who could reach our staff through comedy and offer us laughter through the lens of education. Steve delivered a meaningful, thoughtful look at staying flexible (our convention theme) and staying positive with students with laughter so raucous I had people wiping away tears and running for the bathroom. There is no better way to reach someone than through meaningful connections. Steve’s honest experiences as a teacher and his hilarious tones were an absolute hit with everyone who attended. I had people complimenting and emailing the committee thanking them for the laughter for days. There is no better way to open your conference than to have everyone connect with each other while laughing through tears. I sincerely encourage anyone to book Steve for their session.

Northern Lights School Division

We all just loved ending our convention with him. He made us laugh about things that sometimes frustrate us and we all found personal connections to what he was talking about. We were reminded that we need to find the humour in our profession (because there are always going to be outside sources influencing us negatively), and the importance of laughter, both for ourselves and for our students. I would HIGHLY recommend Steve Brinder to any teacher group that would like to laugh and be reminded what an important job it is that we do.

Northwest School Division, Saskatchewan

Your session was VERY well received. Teachers long for opportunities to laugh and you gave them that opportunity in your session. You were respectful, real and sensitive…qualities much appreciated by the audiences in your sessions. Getting the audience involved was a popular part of your act. People laughed, cried and left your session feeling very good about who they are and about what they do everyday in their schools. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Saskatchewan Teachers Federation

We just loved ending our convention with him.He made us laugh about things that sometimes frustrate us and we all found personal connections to what he was talking about. I have never heard a room full of teachers laugh so had for so long.

York Region Elementary Teachers

I am a kindergarten teacher in Saint John, New Brunswick. Today was our Subject Council day and I attended your 10:30 session at the Trade and Convention Centre. I have been teaching for 30 years and I have to say that your session was one of the best ones I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Over the years I have watched my career morph into something I do not even recognize anymore. It can be very challenging and frustrating when trying to reach every child, especially when you look at the present inclusion policy we have in place, not to mention the time of the year right now. We are all tired and trying desperately to get to the end of June. Not only did you do such a wonderful job validating what we do and recognizing some of the challenges we face on a daily basis, you did it in a way that brought laughter and joy to a group that often does not have much to be happy about. I believe I can now make it through the next month and a half and I do hope you come back next year. God bless and thank you so much for coming to speak to us!

New Brunswick Teachers Conference 2018

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