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Ted Wright

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Award Winning Marketing Expert

If you have seen or heard about major brands such as Jet Blue, United Healthcare, Allstate Insurance, AT&T, and Applebee’s in the past few years, chances are it’s because of Ted Wright. He has contributed to several consumer revolutions in the United States, taking big brand clients to the next level of marketing.

Ted has been at the forefront of Word of Mouth Marketing since he helped re-ignite the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand in 2000. Over the last decade, his agency, Fizz, has become a global leader in word of mouth marketing with clients on every continent.

A keynote speaker, author, and word of mouth marketing pioneer, Ted helps organizations identify influencers and create communications, resulting in the most effective marketing technique available today.

Ted has received numerous speaking awards for his thought-provoking programs.

An alumnus of Booz Allen & Hamilton, Ted holds an MBA with honors from The University of Chicago. He also enjoys great bourbon and drives too fast, but never at the same time.

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Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Create Conversations That Sell

Today’s consumers are suspicious about marketing. Many consumers don’t believe companies are telling the truth. Yet, conversations about brands, products, and services are happening every day. And conversations aren’t scrolled past, blocked, torn down, fast-forwarded through, or deleted. Conversations, which result in awareness and testimony for your brand, are your greatest competitive advantage.

In this program, Ted delivers the strategy for word of mouth marketing success, as well as new ideas and information that can be implemented the very next day. It’s filled with rapid-fire explanations backed by impressive data, and showcases detailed case studies demonstrating real-world application.

Customized and personalized for each audience, some of Ted’s most-requested lessons include:

  • Identify the interesting, real, and authentic story about your brand
  • Differentiate yourself in your community by becoming the topic of conversation
  • Prepare customers, staff, and colleagues to share your story
  • Learn how word of mouth marketing intersects with other channels


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Ted possesses an eclectic, rare mix of right brain and left-brain skills. In an extremely thoughtful and engaging narrative, Ted weaves a fascinating journey of the hows and whys of word of mouth. He takes a complex topic and boils it down into something extremely useful. If your audience wants to truly understand how to harness the power of people talking, Ted’s talk is your ‘must have.

Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School

Ted not only made a persuasive case of word-of-mouth marketing in an engaging talk packed with funny anecdotes, felicitous stats, and memorable case studies, but he also bothered to learn our industry, brought convention-specific detail into his presentation, and stuck around to talk to attendees throughout the day. Ted’s involvement made our convention better. Book him.

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