Tessa Virtue

3 Time Olympian, one of the most decorated Figure Skaters of all time

Tessa Virtue

Ice dance has had its share of iconic moments.

For many Canadians, that moment was the home-crowd performance delivered by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in Vancouver 2010 to become the youngest Ice Dance champions in Olympic history.  The golden duo, however, were not content.

The partnership that started when she was seven and he was nine would continue through to Sochi 2014, in search of their own Bolero – an artistic and athletic performance that would define the pair’s legacy. They danced beautifully and despite a season-best, settled for silver.

After a break, they decided to compete in PyeongChang in 2018, and captured the imagination of the world with their emotionally-charged and provocative performances, drawing on twenty years of creative commitment to one another to win their second Gold medal.  It was their fifth medal overall making them the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history.

Now free of the constraints of competitive skating, Tessa and Scott have launched a new initiative to reach Canadian fans from coast-to-coast.  As the co-creators of the Thank you Canada Tour, which visited the small towns they usually fly over with bigger shows, they explored their newfound creative freedom and had the chance to give back to the communities that had supported their careers.

Now retired from ice dance, Tessa’s shown her range and versatility on a training feature for Strong Fitness Magazine and cover feature for Best Health Magazine and was welcomed to the Adidas Canada family as the face of women’s training.  She continues to be a strong advocate for female empowerment and works closely with FITSpirit, ­­­­­­­an organization whose mission is to raise public awareness around the problem of declining participation in sport among pre-teen and teenage girls.

An ambitious academic, Tessa plans to pursue her MBA and channel her entrepreneurial spirit into her next role: CEO


2018 Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist
2018 Opening Ceremonies Flag Bearer
2018 Canada Walk of Fame Inductee
2017, 2012 & 2010 World Champion
2016 Grand Prix Final Gold Medalist
2014 Two-Time Olympic Silver Medalist
2010 Olympic Gold Medalist

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