Tracey Bell

Tracey Bell

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Award Winning Entertainer and Impersonator Extraordinaire

Award-winning performer Tracey Bell becomes “8 Divas in 44 Minutes” for hundreds of diverse groups from all over the World.

She first stepped into the spotlight with a Tina Turner impersonation that brought down the house. Since then she has performed thousands of one-woman shows for special events, corporations and dozens of charities.

Star of the award-winning film Impersona, Tracey Bell won the Canadian Event Industry’s Entertainer of the Year Award in 2005 after being nominated four times. She has guest-starred on the X-Files TV show as Cher and photo-doubled for the actress in the movies Reindeer Games, Murder at Cannes & Becoming Dick.

Tracey is best known for her interactive, quick-change impersonations of Cher and Marilyn Monroe, photo-double in the TV series “Dead Like Me”, Liza Minelli (National Quality Institute Host), Tina Turner (Breakfast Television, 4 Divas in 4 Minutes), Madonna (Bronfman Engagement), Celine Dion (Scotiabank), Dolly Parton (Canadian Cardiovascular Association) and Shania Twain (Petro Canada Presidents Gala).

Tracey customizes characters, costumes, comedic monologues and interactive musical routines for diverse event themes. Special client requests inspired Bell to study cirque skills to fly as Moulin Rouge’s Satine and develop impersonations of Lucille Ball (Rat Race Film Launch), Ivana Trump (BC Lotteries), Julie Andrews, Dolly Llama and others.

Bell has hosted and performed at the Power Within, Microsoft Impact Awards, Canadian Homebuilders Awards, Consumer Choice Awards, Best Buy Awards and more. Wherever she performs, Tracey Bell continues to… make an impression!

“I’m inspiring a whole audience to play dress-up and make-believe with me. It’s a fantasy concert where I turn guests into co-stars. I’ve been developing this show for years. There’s a formula to it. The energy builds as the audience cheers for their colleagues and for me. I continuously win them over with each character, changing into great wigs and costumes in seconds and completing the illusion by mixing my live vocals with the artist’s original recordings. It’s a high-energy show with great music, comedy and improvisation. I’m ready to react to whatever happens IN CHARACTER. I love to make people feel comfortable and also show them that it’s ok to be silly.” Tracey Bell

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Tracey Bell has performed her critically acclaimed show “8 Divas in 44 Minutes” for hundreds of diverse groups from all over the world. Her show brings audiences into the concert experience literally, as she turns guests into her co-stars. During this fast-paced 60 minutes musical revue, Tracey Bell transforms from Dolly Parton to Liza Minnelli, to Cher, Madonna, Shania Twain, Celine Dion and others. Enthusiastic audience members are invited on stage to become her backup helping Divas with dance steps or playing air guitar making the entire experience interactive, entertaining and a lot of fun for everyone!

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Tracey Bell: 8 Divas in One Hour

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