Wendy Mesley

Wendy Mesley

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Celebrated Canadian Broadcaster, Journalist and Podcast Host

Wendy Mesley, one of Canada’s most trusted faces in Journalism, began her broadcasting journalism career in 1980 and by the mid 80’s, she broke ground as the first woman to cover the Prime Minister for CBC’s “The National” News.

She then helped to create and host of Undercurrents, the first mainstream journalistic show to investigate media, marketing and technology.  Here she explored topics like the early days of fake news to misleading marketing practices and questionable journalism. Nothing was off limits. She shone a light on these topics, long before they became a point of fascination for online media.

From covering some of the most contentious moments in modern Canadian political history to confronting the interests of power, she knows full well how stories get spun to suit the interests of those telling them, how public perception and personal reality often diverge.

Politics always fed the fire, but she also got to interview stars like Lady Gaga, Jon Stewart, Idris Elba and Anthony Bourdain. Funny, irreverent and fierce, and occasionally even vulnerable, she knows what it’s like at both ends of the pointy stick and now she’s free to talk about what she’s learned along the way.

More perhaps than any other Canadian journalist of her day, Wendy also understands how the way a story gets spun has personal consequences.  Every aspect of her life in the past 40 years has been the subject of public conversation and news coverage.  Her experiences have shaped and formed a unique view on the need to treat all stories and their subjects with respect, while still pushing diligently towards the revealing insights at the heart of any story.

Everything from appearing on air 8½ months pregnant or anchoring the National News wearing a wig after chemotherapy, Wendy was undeterred. As the only child of a single mom Wendy talks about things that are both personal and professional. Things that matter,  like the right to tell stories she believes need to be told and how sometimes she gets it wrong.

She has won several Geminis and Canadian Screen Awards for her work.  In 2022 she launched and co-hosts the podcast “Women of Ill Repute with Maureen Holliday 

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Speaking topics

Who can you Trust and Who Trusts You?

Throughout her career in Journalism, Wendy Mesley has been lied to and spun,  but also inspired and motivated by some of the best. In this topical, amusing and provocative presentation, she shares what it takes for any of us to win trust, or win back trust after it’s been broken.

In a world filled with controversy, Fake News and Cancel Culture,  we are only ever one click away from confusion. As we live and work increasingly online, who we trust, how we trust, is all changing. Yet as divided as we may seem, one thing has not changed. We all deeply want to trust, to believe, to understand and be understood . We need each other.

Wendy shares her thoughts on the importance of trust, who has it, how they got it and how you can remain in a position of trust. It is fundamental to all relationships as a leader, a team member or a client. As a storyteller and as someone who knows what it’s like to become the story, Wendy has some heartfelt and humorous insights to share about Trust in a world that sometimes feels like it’s spinning out of control

Learning to Live and Laugh Through Change

Wendy Mesley’s fighting spirit, from being raised by a single parent, to refusing to hide her pregnant belly on TV to reading the National while bald from chemotherapy has always been there.  Always ready to try challenge herself, Wendy shares how her positive attitude and Live Love Laugh mantra made it possible for her to turn a negative step into positive change.  As a storyteller and as someone who knows what it’s like to become the story, Wendy has some heartfelt and humorous insights to share about how to find your feet in a world that sometimes feels like it’s spinning out of control.

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