Boris Brott

Internationally Recognized Canadian Conductor

Bruce Lee

Performance and Productivity Coach, MC and Author

Darrell Keezer

Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur and Author

David Chalk

World Leading Cyber Security Expert, Business Productivity and Growth Expert, Serial Entrepreneur and Author

David Chilton

The Wealthy Barber, Best Selling Author

David Hurst

Management and Organizational Change Expert

Doug Keeley

Globally-recognized Communicator, Master Storyteller, Leadership Junkie

Farzana Jaffer Jeraj

Best Selling Co-Author, Polymath and Meditator

Frank O’Dea

Innovative Entrepreneur | Humanitarian

Frank Wolf

Canadian Filmmaker, Adventurer, Writer and Environmentalist

Jay Ingram

Science Writer & Broadcaster

Jean David

Author, Creativity Consultant and Marketing Guru, Pioneer and Builder of the Cirque du Soleil