Andrew Coyne

Award winning Journalist, former National editor of Maclean's magazine

Chantal Hebert

National Affairs Columnist, Toronto Star

David Chilton

The Wealthy Barber, Best Selling Author

Don Drummond

Former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, TD Bank Financial Group

Kevin O’Leary

“Shark” on ABC's Shark Tank | Journalist and Television Personality | Chairman of O'Leary Funds

Linda Nazareth

Economist, Future of Work Expert, Author

Mike Harcourt

Former BC Premier, Sustainability Advocate

Nikolas Badminton

Futurist, Researcher, Keynote Speaker and Media Producer

Richard Florida

Leading Urbanist, Author, Thought-leader and Researcher

Richard Worzel

Futurist, Business Consultant and Best Selling Author
Stephen Skyvington

Stephen Skyvington

Health care policy Expert, Lobbyist and Author

The Honourable John Manley

President and CEO of the Business Council of Canada, Former Deputy Prime Minister