Bruce Lourie

Innovative Environmental Leader, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author

David Suzuki

Award Winning Scientist and Environmentalist

Dr. Sarika Cullis-Suzuki

Environmentalist, Marine Biologist, Ocean Advocate

Frank Wolf

One of Canada’s 90 Greatest Explorers of all Time

Geoff Green

Founder and Director of Students on Ice Expeditions, Adventurer, Educator, Explorers Club Citation of Merit Recipient

Greg Johnson

Star of Tornado Hunters and Canada's Top 100 Explorers

Jeffrey Simpson

National Affairs Columnist for the Globe and Mail, Author
Kevin Vallely Inspirational Adventurer

Kevin Vallely

Leadership, Teamwork and Resilience Expert, Adventurer and Author

Les Stroud

Star of Survivorman, Musician, Author, Filmmaker and Activist

Mark Jaccard

Sustainable Energy & Climate Change Expert and Author

Nikki Sanchez

Indigenous Media Maker, TEDX Speaker, Environmental Educator and Author

Roberta Bondar

First Canadian Woman Astronaut, Scientist, Physician and Author