John Amatt

World Explorer, Change Management Expert and Author
Kevin Vallely Inspirational Adventurer

Kevin Vallely

Inspirational Adventurer, Leadership, Teamwork and Resilience Expert, Author

Les Stroud

Star of Survivorman, Musician, Author, Filmmaker and Activist

Mark Jaccard

Climate Change Expert, Professor, PHD and Author

Mike Harcourt

Former BC Premier, Sustainability Advocate

Nik Nanos

Leading Canadian Pollster

Nikki Sanchez

Indigenous Media Maker and Environmental Educator

Peter Corbyn

Environmentalist, Climate Change Expert

Roberta Bondar

First Canadian Woman Astronaut in Space, Scientist, Champion of the Environment, Companion to the Order of Canada

Severn Cullis-Suzuki

Environment Activist for Intergenerational Justice

Wade Davis

"Scientist, Scholar, Poet and Passionate Defender of all of Life’s Diversity.”