Eric Termuende

Future of Work and Corporate Culture Expert, Best Selling Author

Florence K

Singer-songwriter, Mental Health Advocate and Author

Hani Kafoury

Change, Leadership and Mindfulness Expert, Psychologist

Jody Urquhart

Burnout Prevention, Health and Wellness Expert, Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker

John Haime

World-Class Performance Coach Trusted By Some of the World’s Leading Performers. Emotional Intelligence Expert and Leadership Coach.

John Stackhouse

Expert on Diversity and Contemporary Culture, Educator and Author

Joyce Odidison

Workplace Conflict Analyst and Change Consultant, DEI Specialist, Resilience and Burnout Expert, Coach, Author.

Judy Croon

Comedian, Motivational Speaker, Second City Stand-Up Coach, Radio Host and Author

Karyn Gordon

Parenting Expert, Media Personality & Best Selling Author
Kate Davis

Kate Davis

Humour in the Workplace, Work–Life Balance

Kevin Rempel

Paralympian, World Champion, Entrepreneur and Author

Linda Duxbury

Award Winning Human Resources and Work Life Balance Expert