Andre Degrasse

Canada's Fastest Man, 3 time Olympic Champion

Andrew Coyne

Award winning Journalist, former National editor of Maclean's magazine

Andrew Haley

Gold Medal-Winning Paralympic Swimmer and Cancer Survivor

Anna Olson

Beloved Celebrity Chef and TV Personality

Arlene Dickinson

Serial Entrepreneur and General Partner of District Ventures Capital

Bill Carr

Award Winning Humorist, Writer and Communications Expert

Bob Gray

Funny Motivational Speaker, Memory Recall Expert

Brian Burke

President of Hockey Ops, Pittsburgh Penguins, Community Activist and Mentor

Brian Williams

The Dean of Olympic Games Coverage, Award Winning Sportcaster

Bruce Lourie

Innovative Environmental Leader, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author

Charles Marcus

High Content Motivational Expert, Author and Entrepreneur

Cheryl Pounder

2 x Olympic Gold Medalist, Motivational Speaker, Broadcaster, Co-Host Her Mark Podcast